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Levels of Health Care for a Brain Tumor Patient - Essay Example

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Levels of Health Care for a Brain Tumor Patient Professor Date Levels of Health Care for a Brain Tumor Patient Any anomalous growth of cells in the brain refers to a brain tumor. Tumors can be categorized as benign; non-cancerous, and malignant; cancerous…
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Levels of Health Care for a Brain Tumor Patient
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Download file to see previous pages Brain tumors can be diagnosed through various processes: physical examination, neurologic examination, a Computerised Tomography (CT) scan and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). By physical examination, general health signs are checked. Neurologic examination is where the doctor examines the patient for attentiveness, strength of the muscles and coordination, any spontaneous effect and reaction to pain. The doctor also conducts an examination of the eyes to identify any swelling of the nerve connecting the brain and the eye which might have been caused by the pressure inserted by the tumor. With CT scan, an X-ray is conducted where the results are observed from a computer connected to the x-ray machine which clearly shows the position and the size of the tumors. MRI is where a high magnetic material is connected to a computer which shows detailed and clear pictures of the body that is provided by the means of a special dye which makes different tissues distinct. The pictures can be printed out (Potts & Mandleco, 2012). The patient undergoing brain tumor care is named Mrs. Y for purposes of patient confidentiality as required by the nursing and medical ethic. Primary level of health care is the first step where patients are exposed to health care systems which are normally the smaller health care facilities like the dispensaries serving the local community. Mostly, this unit involves simple diagnostic measures, preventive and curative where in-patients services are rare. Nurses are mostly found in this stage that will refer the patient to a district hospital which provides better services and in-patients services. The nurse examines the general sciences and symptoms of illness from the patient who then refers the patient for further treatment from the district level because the facility has no the necessary machines and equipment to examine the patient further (Potts & Mandleco 2012). The nurse can only administer pain killers to the patient. District level hospitals have nurses, doctors and physicians who can conduct imaging, laboratory tests, simple X-rays and theaters to conduct simple surgeries. Most of the doctors and physicians could be operating in the provincial hospitals; therefore, they are only present in the hospitals rarely. The patient is given a chance to explain herself. Snooks state that because there is lack of proper equipment to critically examine the patient’s brain, the physician will have no choice but to refer the patient to the next level (2009). The physician explains to the patient and the family members of her condition and the challenge the facility is facing, the complexity of the condition and the cost of the procedure. The physician writes a note of referral which provides the initial examinations and any medication the patient has been given during this level. Mrs. Y may have a difficult time understanding her condition; many people view that any disease of the brain may result in madness. Therefore, counseling services may be provided by the administration to the patient and the family to reduce tension and stress (Potts & Mandleco 2012). The financial services to cover Mrs. Y treatment during this stage and to the next level may subject the family members some stress. Secondary level of health care refers to a stage with more sophisticated facilities as well as specialists in a particular area. Highly trained doctors, nurses, surgeons and physicians are readily available. This may be a provincial hospita ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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