In sociocultural terms, Rodgers and Hammerstein could be said to have invented the American Dream. Discuss - Essay Example

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This acquaints us with the fact that being rich is a gateway to happiness. Therefore, rich and happiness are every person’s dream. It concerns the economic background of the people and America would quench…
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In sociocultural terms, Rodgers and Hammerstein could be said to have invented the American Dream. Discuss
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"In sociocultural terms, Rodgers and Hammerstein could be said to have invented the American Dream. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages Richards Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II reflect upon the dream and keeping in mind the transition of American people and the nation, they worked together to make this dream come true in their musicals.  American Dream is a collective imagination that proves the existence of a world where the people’s identity would be finally realized and then the dreams would inspire each and everyone to live peacefully. In socio-cultural terms, Rodgers and Hammerstein could be said to have invented the American Dream.
The development of American identity by the musical theatre has been exemplary. American dream is something very intent but superficial because of the fact that it can only be assumed in this century.  In the year 1940, a new Theatre Guild musical produced Away We Go! This was Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s first work. Oscar Hammerstein II was a lyricist and together they created this musical that the audience found boring, serious and old-fashioned. But they made some changes in the same musical and also changed its name to Oklahoma! This development of the musical now found a new approach towards the audience and it was liked by all. The people were facing a difficult time because of the cold war and this musical provided relief and unburdened their problems with enchanting songs, like ‘ people will say we are in love,’ ‘the Surrey With the Fringe on Top,’ ‘Many a New Day,’ ‘Out of My Dreams,’ ‘Kansas City,’ ‘I Can’t Say No,’ ‘Oklahoma!’,etc. (Zinsser, 180).
In socio-cultural terms, Rodgers and Hammerstein have invented the American dream because of their musical that had an awesome effect on the people living in 1940s. The musical had to be understood and felt by the audience in order to relate to the behavior of the characters that had a cultural context in the musical. This musical earned praises ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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