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20th Century Music History - Essay Example

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Rhapsody in Blue is a 1924 symphonic jazz, was composed by Paul Whiteman’s jazz band which previously premiered at Aeolian Hall, it is better known in the form of orchestrated for full orchestra;…
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20th Century Music History
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Download file to see previous pages Rhapsody in Blue is a 1924 symphonic jazz that was composed by Paul Whiteman’s jazz band which previously premiered at Aeolian Hall, it is better known in the form of orchestrated for full orchestra that is symphonic; most of the versions that Ferde Grofe orchestrated featured in several commercials and films. Another classical work is the Short Story that was released in 1925 for both piano and violin, there was an arrangement of other short pieces that was previously intended to be included in the Three Preludes and was featured by Dushkin (Adam). Porgy and Bess is a folk opera that was released in 1935 and it was composed from the book written by DuBose Heyward, the opera is about African American life which is now considered the work of an American theater. The opera premiered and the Boston colonial Theater where Alexander Smallens conducted the opera. Porgy and Bess contains aria known as Summertime and other additional hits such as I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin as well as It Aint Necessary So; the folk opera has frequently been heard in concert halls and it is relatively popular (Adam). Concerto in F is a 1925 classical that has three movements for both the orchestra and piano, it premiered in the Carnegie hall and it was conducted by Walter Damrosh. There is a musical tone poem that was released in 1928 by the name an American in Paris, the poem had jazz rudiments and with an accurate Parisian sound effects; this classical premiered in the Carnegie hall and was also conducted by Walter Damrosch (Adam). Dream sequence is a five minutes orchestra and chorus interlude that was released in 1931 and its was meant to portray the mind reeling into dream state, it is also referred too as The Melting Pot and it is a different music as compared to Rhapsody in Rivets sequence that later expanded to Second Rhapsody; there are other musical sequences that went unused and were created by Gershwin to be used in the film Delicious. Second Rhpsody was created in 1931 to be used for piano orchestra and it was based on the score for musical sequence from the film delicious; this classical premiered at the Boston Symphony Hall and was conducted by Serge Koussevitky. Cuban Overture is an original Rhumba that was created in 1932 as a tone poem that featured native Cuban dance and folk music, native instrumental were used and the rhumba premiered at Lewisohn Stadium and it was conducted by Gershwin. Variations on I Got Rhythm that Gershwin created in 1934 has a set of interesting variation in the famous song, both for orchestra and piano, the classical premiered at Boston Symphony Hall and it was conducted by Charles Previn (Adam). Rodgers and Hammerstein songs have rich and provoking, soaring emotion and were written with words and music for almost all production, in the collaboration, they were integral components that elevated the entire story from a good to wonderful play. One of the plays done with words is Carousel and looking at the opening soliloquy, the meaning of Billy Bigelow and Julie Jordan have their filtration and entire story line carried along an amazing song. The stepping forward of Rogers and Hart came when they scored the 1925 charity show by the name The Gabrick Gaities that made known the classic valentines into their hometown. There were an amazing array of music that was written from 1920 to 1930 by Rodgers and Hart, most of them were musical comedies for both Broadway and West End London (Adam 1126). The regular number of shows that were written by the pinnacle in a year was four shows that include the Girl friend, A Connecticut Yankee, Chee Chee, Betsy and Peggy-Ann, and Dearest Enemy. Rodgers and Hamm ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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