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I have never been a passionate fan of musicals, yet the deeper insight into the history of Broadway and this versatile genre has unfolded the value of musicals to me. Probably, musicals as the type of theatrical production are less popularized among people of our generation,…
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Dra Rod Music The paper
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Musical Theatre Assignment I have never been a passionate fan of musicals, yet the deeper insight into the history of Broadway and this versatile genre has unfolded the value of musicals to me. Probably, musicals as the type of theatrical production are less popularized among people of our generation, and the manifold combination of various elements like choreography, visual effects, singing and dialogues formed a prejudice in my perception. However, now the manner of presenting social issues and literary works in musical librettos as well as the art of making a spectacular show of them makes me respect and value musicals. This especially concerns the most daring and capturing, to my thinking, musicals – those based on rock music, for this form of presentation elevates rock music to a rather sophisticated theatrical level and popularizes it.
2. Probably, the most interesting points in the history of musical are the way relevant social issues were reflected in productions and the gradual shift from mainly dancing and singing (as in early musicals with dominance of music numbers) to the greater role of dramatic component and plot. Here, the period of 1920-1940’s can be mentioned as the time of significant changes, for artistic activity of Cole Porter, George Gershwin and others endowed musical with peculiar American flavor – jazz and ragtime influence, more elaborate librettos etc. However, the most impressive turning point for me was observed in the postwar years with Rodgers and Hammerstein II creating South Pacific (1949), as this production clearly marked transition to a more elaborate dramatic form in musicals with dramatic component placed in the limelight, and singing/dancing used extensively to support development of the plot and communication of relevant issues. Moreover, this musical seems rather daring and expressive to me in terms of presentation of big social issues such as race and gender relations.
3. Creating a musical, I would concentrate on a topic related to sexism and feminism and express the idea that women in the contemporary society often talk about gender roles when it concerns equal rights. Yet, they don’t mention equal duties. Therefore, the musical be about a feminist who gets to another planet and faces reversed reality with bearded men wearing dresses and going to beauty salons. However, women there have to win bread, to carry heavy bags etc. Our woman will be forced to marry a man of Conchita Wurst type and – after experiencing all the difficulties - she will escape and change her mind. To attract the audience, the musical will be endowed with songs in both high-quality pop and mild rock genres to reflect masculinity and femininity. The dominance in the musical will be taken over by character and song elements with infusions of comical choreographic numbers to emphasize absurdity of the reality depicted and entertain the audience. The choice of rock and pop (as well as the satire in the plot) will attract different social groups and make the musical successful. Read More
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Dra Rod Music The Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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