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Flouting Of Dharma In The Mahabharata - Research Paper Example

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The Ramayana and The Mahabharata are the two primers of Hindu philosophy. The paper "Flouting Of Dharma In The Mahabharata" discusses that the Pandavas’ claim to propriety and justice is not as infallible as has been accepted traditionally by the general, pious Hindu…
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Flouting Of Dharma In The Mahabharata
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Extract of sample "Flouting Of Dharma In The Mahabharata"

Download file to see previous pages Another reason being, that unlike other famous epics such as The Iliad, The Mahabharata does not begin in medias res or “in the middle of things”; it starts at the very beginning, describing Creation and tracing the genealogy and history of the primary players in the narrative.
Priests and sages alike have over the years referred to The Mahabharata for instances of Dharma. Traditionally, the Pandavas have been considered the rightful heirs to the throne, the just rulers, and epitomizing Dharma in general. While the Kauravas and other rivals of the Pandavas are considered to be the Wrong party. In Post-Modern contexts, however, thanks to Feminist and Sociologist critics, the text has been revisited and found to be faulty on more than one count. The Pandavas’ claim to propriety and justice is not as infallible as has been accepted traditionally by the general, pious Hindu.
Yudhishthira, the oldest of the Pandavas, called “Dharma Raja” for his flawless sense of justice and fairness, was the son of Yama, the god of death and judgment. His sterling character and unfailing sense of morality were rewarded with a miracle: his chariot never touched the ground. Until, near the close of the war, Yudhishthira deliberately tells a lie that leads to the death of Dronacharya, one of the principal warriors on the Kaurava side.1 This and many other incidents lead the critical reader to question the true nature of Yudhishthira’s morality and detect a trace of duplicity therein.
Arjuna, the third of the Pandavas, and one of the most beloved characters of the story were famed for his complete dedication to his goals. The most handsome and desirable of the five brothers, Arjuna married several times over during the course of his lifetime. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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