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It is the ability or capacity to perceive, assess and manage emotions of an individual. Earlier intelligence quotient was the determining factor of assessing one person’s competence, personality and maturity. But…
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Emotional Intelligence (Communication)
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"Emotional Intelligence (Communication)"

Download file to see previous pages An intelligent manager may analyse the things intelligently, but lack of control over his emotions may prevent him from taking wide decisions. On the other hand, a manager with emotional intelligence will never get agitated in any situations. He knows well that lack of emotional control may lead to wrong decisions.
The EQ test which I took was not accurate enough to judge the emotional intelligence adequately. I don’t think the 21 objective questions and 2 descriptive questions needed to be answered in this test are sufficient enough to predict the emotional intelligence properly. In my opinion, a more comprehensive test with more descriptive items may be more successful to predict the emotional intelligence better. At the same time this test can give a rough picture about one’s ability to control their emotions. It is as simple as that a lay man can understand all the questions and answer it properly based on his perceptions. Nothing complicated in the questionnaires and hence anybody can have a rough idea about their emotional intelligence using this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emotional Intelligence
.... Moreover, another aspect to emotional intelligence is that of communication in which one develops awareness of one’s own feelings, the situation and reactions of the people around them. By doing this, a leader is able to communicate effectively with his or her juniors and fellow colleagues by addressing them in a constructive way (Leadership Organization 2012: 42). Therefore, a leader is capable of doing this only if they can anticipate the feelings of their followers, and express their own feelings in a way that does not appear negative to anyone. This creates the basis of the creative use of emotional intelligence for...
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Emotional Intelligence
...? Emotional intelligence 9 September Introduction Having high IQ is not the only intelligence that people need to be successful and happy. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is increasingly being valued and studied for its role in promoting healthy and diverse interrelationships and communication practices that are critical to success in personal life and workplaces (Matthews, Zeidner, & Roberts, 2002, p.3; Pat & Groves, 2006, p.11). Emotional intelligence is a direct criticism to intelligence that focuses only on academic or scientific and mathematic forms of knowledge (Matthews, Zeidner, &...
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Emotional Intelligence
...intelligences that entails the management of person’s internal or non-verbal feelings for better relation with others. Emotions regarding certain events could only be directed to that event or for obtaining good results. In addition, awareness of other peoples wants, emotions and stress should also be considered by the managers, this attribute is social awareness and the individuals who have this trait will be able to know the emotional response of their colleagues, which should in time to notice emotional changes in others. Furthermore, maintenances of good communication, team work and motivating others is the best way a manager can...
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Emotional Intelligence
...that emotional intelligence affects management in a positive way because good relationships and communications are established hence management performance is improved. Furthermore, emotional intelligence affects management performance, as the it will easily develop solutions in cases of conflict, as it is aware of how to handle different situations and this is a form of inspiration to the employees as they will learn from their seniors and this creates a productive workforce (Lazovic 798). Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Work Place There is clear view that emotional...
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Emotional Intelligence
...on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership It was Salovey and Mayer (1990) who coined the phrase “emotional intelligence” which they defined as being a type of social intelligence that included the ability to monitor their own feelings and those of people around them. This awareness would allow the individual to use that information to modify their own behavior and speech patterns to greatly increase their chances of successful communication. However the concept of emotional intelligence has been traced back to Edward Thorndike and his work Law of effect research (1911). The key element of Thorndike’s...
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Emotional Intelligence
...Inserts His/her Inserts Inserts Grade (16, 02, Emotional Intelligence Introduction Businesses have become ever more complex and they now require high level of managerial skills. Globalization has blurred the boundaries between countries and this has led to increased diversity in the workplace. We now have firms where people from different background are working together for a common cause. This has made job of managers extremely difficult. The concept of emotional intelligence is used in management literature and in this paper we will discuss its efficacy as a valuable tool in assessment of performance potential and managerial success. Emotional...
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What impact does emotional intelligence have upon communication in social work organisations
...Running head: Emotional Intelligence What Impact Does ‘Emotional Intelligence’ Have Upon Communication In Social Work Organizations? Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name 25 April 2012 Emotional intelligence theories first emerged in the beginning of the 19th century with Thorndike (1920) defining emotional intelligence capacity as social intelligence. He stated that social intelligence is the aptitude to comprehend and control women and men, girls and boys to behave astutely in human associations and that it is innately found in a few...
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Emotional Intelligence
...to their elders. Therefore the other group of authors which are against the development of emotional stability give their view point as that emotional intelligence is only inborn and it cannot be developed with the passing time. The presence of emotional intelligence is important in order to survive in the community or we can say that it helps us to manage our social lives also. Suppose we are unable to understand the reason behind the sadness of our best friend. We cannot recognize why the employees are aggressive since last month. Then there would be no benefit of our social relationships. Understanding of one’s own feelings is...
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Emotional Intelligence
...Emotional Intelligence Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 What is emotional intelligence? 3 Attributes of emotional intelligence 3 Importance of emotional intelligence 4 Raising emotional intelligence 4 Empirical studies 5 How to measure emotional intelligence 6 Conclusion 6 References 7 Emotional Intelligence What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence (EQ) is regarded as the ability of a person to identity, understand,...
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Emotional Intelligence
...Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry Introduction Over the last fifty years, institutions or organizations have been regarded to comprises problems that must be solved. This has obliged managers to adapt a problem oriented approach in managing organization and as a result, slight achievements or accomplishments have been achieved. In this regard, there has been the need to replace the problem oriented approach with emotional intelligence and appreciative inquiry as a means of achieving improved outcomes. This paper offers a brief description of an issue in a health care setting that requires change, and how a nurse leader or manager could apply both emotional intelligence... and...
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