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How will Russia and Ukraine likely address their current and future conflicts in the coming decade Is war likely - Essay Example

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Here you will find the answers of these questions: What is the likelihood that these two regional powers will engage in conflict over the next coming decade? Is the outbreak of violence likely? What role will the European Union have in a joint Russia-Ukrainian conflict?…
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How will Russia and Ukraine likely address their current and future conflicts in the coming decade Is war likely
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Extract of sample "How will Russia and Ukraine likely address their current and future conflicts in the coming decade Is war likely"

Download file to see previous pages Issues of natural wealth, such as oil and gas, in the Crimea are very important to all actors involved in the region, including modern day Russia, the United States and Ukraine. Issues surrounding accessibility as well as resource scarcity have recently come to the fore and have involved all actors with a stake in the region. On the surface it may seem clear that the stronger regional power (i.e. Russia) would have the upper hand over Ukraine and eventually determine the fate of the relations between the two countries. Yet there are complexities that dictate the intrigues of international relations and foreign affairs. Ukraine, although is not yet a member of the European Union, is looking forward to NATO membership in order to safeguard its defense in an unforeseen political future. The most immediate resistance to Russia’s regional hegemony is the European Union, which continues to stymie its attempts to throw its weight around regionally (Recall the brief Russian-Georgian War last year caused by the break-away Republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia).
Still, the EU is burdened with the scarcity of natural resources and consequent economic dependence on other nations; 82% of its entire consumption of oil and 57% of gas makes it the world’s leading importer of fuels. The major supplier for these fuels is Russia, and this has been increasing following strategic investments and agreements from Russia. The EU is hampered by its economic dependence - a factor that cannot be overlooked. The isolation of Russia amongst the former members of the Soviet sphere of influence is a real threat to the decision makers in Moscow. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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