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International Politics Conflict Paper Assignment Russia and the Ukraine - Essay Example

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This essay will be covering various facts that surround the Russia-Ukraine conflict and what possibility of war it could create in the coming times. …
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International Politics Conflict Paper Assignment Russia and the Ukraine
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Download file to see previous pages The reasons for this unpredictability can be numerous and distorted, however there are some common motives how they govern their commitments when facing a challenge.

The Soviet and U.S. behavior are classic cases produced in the history of world affairs. This case belongs to two countries that have a history of sharing resources on particular terms until from the past few years they have faced turbulence from the supplier. The particular transaction that seems to create a ripple effect is the transfer of Natural Gas between the countries, which is facing strict resource scarcity recently. On the surface it may seem clear that a greater power (Russia) would always have an upper hand in the deal and determine the fate of the relation of two countries. The study of International affairs helps us to teach complexities that even bring minor countries the weightage to determine their own terms. Ukraine although is not yet a member of the European Union, however is looking forward to tie in with NATO to serve its own defense for unforeseen political issues. The most immediate resistance close to the strength of Russia is the European Union. The EU although has the advantage of a greater voice, is still burdened with scarcity of natural resources. 82% of its entire consumption of oil and 57% of gas makes it the world’s leading importer of fuels. The major supplier for these fuels is Russia, and has been increasing after following strategic investments and agreements from Russia. There can be no definite decision to determine fate of the economic dependence, reason being there are many reasons behind this dependence.

Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are some of the members which used to be a part of the Soviet Union, but they are still quite influenced by Russia today. This is possible by retaining economic dependence from Russia. However all members except Georgia and Ukraine have decided to join hands with the European Union to strengthen themselves particularly against Russian pressure, which explains why there has been conflict with Georgia and now Ukraine. Ukraine currently is depending on a natural gas deal that is not for the needs of Ukraine itself but a number of member states of the EU.3 Therefore Ukraine also serves as a transit country in terms of deliver the resource. Conflict starts when their prices increased by a large amount per thousand cubic meters. The rate was $179.50 in 2008 and now it has increased to $450 per thousand cubic meters.4 It is a sudden increase which was not expected nor would reflect intention of sound relations for unknown purpose. While these gas supply lines have been cut off it has brought notice to the EU, compelling it to research for alternate Energy solutions.
Schelling explains in his book that the 'face' of a nation is a non-serious attitude towards political affairs. However there is definitely the 'image' of a country that is seriously taken and understood by other countries when we want to understand their expectations. It is a reaction caused to save a particular reputation of the country. Russia becomes a fitting example when already a number of ex-Soviet member states are attempting to individualize them and free ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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