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Examine the nature and limits of the EU as a global actor with particular reference to trade, aid, security and politics regarding its relations with Ukraine - Assignment Example

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Admitting a country to full European Union membership is normally an uphill task given that different countries have diverse treaty, laws, policies and confinements. The European Union is a political-economic entity comprised of 28 member states that are located in Europe. The…
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Examine the nature and limits of the EU as a global actor with particular reference to trade, aid, security and politics regarding its relations with Ukraine
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Extract of sample "Examine the nature and limits of the EU as a global actor with particular reference to trade, aid, security and politics regarding its relations with Ukraine"

Download file to see previous pages However, given the complex limits specified by EU to its member states, it has become impossible to admit Ukraine. Ukraine is considered a defiant member since in most occasions it has failed to agree on EU limits. On the other hand, the country has not upgraded to partnership status ‘similar to that accorded to Russia’ given its low volume on trade and quality of infrastructure. The incoming research will examine the nature of limits that have continued binding successfully status maturity. The report will demonstrate the power of European union in different perspectives, most especially sanctions against Russia. As well, the report will investigate EU security ability against possible aggression. The report will prove that the current political crises are not near conclusion given that membership into the union has taken a different form.
The current problem began with Ukraine refusing to sign a trade deal with European Union. The treaty that was both an economic and political entity compelled Ukraine to be subjective to European Union. There were a number of political crises, which resulted to questions of corruption. Students and other young people constantly protested against the incoming and outgoing regimes. In fact, concerns of corruption polarized the entire scene. Militia who continued fighting in the countryside joined rowdy youths. As a result, the country has heavily been balkanized by gangs wanting to control different areas. The number of current segments is four. Meanwhile, Russia annexed Crimea due to gas concerns. This made the Kiev based government to panic.
As such, Ukraine is being involved in one of the worst trading zone disputes of the 21st, century. As a result, the country has been entangled in a revolutionary political arena. At the center, the European Union (EU) backed by the United States is promoting policies, which compels Ukraine to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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