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Crisis in Ukraine - Assignment Example

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It has again brought the two super powers to state of loggerheads. The two rivals from the Cold War are once against confronted with the scenario of supporting the allies and aiming to enforce its dominance and…
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Crisis in Ukraine
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Extract of sample "Crisis in Ukraine"

Ukraine at present is the center of attention for the global powers. It has again brought the two super powers to of loggerheads. The two rivals from the Cold War are once against confronted with the scenario of supporting the allies and aiming to enforce its dominance and say in covert and overt manner.
The recent development in the form of overthrow of the president incumbent followed by the enthronement of the like minded President of Ukraine who’s first trip was to Washington D.C. The question whether United States of America and the other Western Powers would use force against Russia can be only guessed for now. But there are two perspectives and interpretations from the entire scenario. The standoff came about in the form of Ukraine’s possible enrollment into E.U. Backed by Russia, it abstained from it.
The first is about the possible attack and other punitive measures undertaking by United States of America. However, writers like Loren Thomspon argue that Untied States of America would never go into war or to the extreme limit with Russia. It is based on the fact that United States would not want to disturb the prevailing status quo that has been in place for last two decades. Thomspon has given a set of reasons based on which he supports his claims of United States of America’s helplessness and its inability to unleash war upon Russia. These reasons range from awareness in the domestic segments to the internal realization of the fact knowing that America can least afford a war on new battle field in present circumstances and that too against a far more formidable rival in the form of Russia (Thompson).
Russia has time and again expressed and shown its interest in the region, and more so in the Crimea where it states that the people have historic, lingual and religious affiliations and thereby must be protected at any cost. The other dimension of Russia’s interest and influence is subject to the natural resources and primarily the gas pipe line that touches past this area and is of high importance to the Russian industries. So far, even the actions and potential political maneuvers and diplomacy of the European powers in the form Germany and Great Britain have also failed. The upcoming meeting between the two foreign ministers is of high value and hopes are pinned against it towards a resolution of the issue faced (GORDON).
Russia has an edge in this case and has caught United States of America on a weak footing. The only option United States of America is the backing of European Nations and the strength it gains and enjoys in the form of NATO. United States of America is now resorting to diplomatic activities and actions hoping it would break the standoff to an end. With the upcoming referendum which has large being decried and denounced in the Western world, if this goes on to succeed, it will have major impact in the coming days and may result in souring of the ties between the two previous arch rivals from the days of Cold War.
GORDON, MICHAEL R. Kerry Plans 11th-Hour Meeting With Russians Over Crimea. 12 March 2014. 14 March 2014 .
Thompson, Loren. Ukraine Crisis: Six Reasons Why U.S. Use Of Military Forces Is Unthinkable. 13 March 2014. 14 march 2014 . Read More
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Crisis in Ukraine Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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