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President - Research Paper Example

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The main objective is for the president to achieve some foreign policy favourable to the United States of America. President Harry…
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Download file to see previous pages A number of events took place during the cold war both regionally and globally catalysing the formation and adoption of the Truman doctrine. Russia sponsored communism was on the rise and influencing the entire Europe. Hungary’s democratic government was overthrown by the communist party in 1947 attracting strong condemnation by President Truman. In 1948 again the communist party with the support of Russia used force to grab power in Czechoslovakia. The attempted Berlin blockade would have also significantly affected the course of events had it succeeded. The Russian threat became particularly significant in 1949 when Russia deployed its tool to influence the entire Europe. Russia also went on to explode its nuclear bomb nullifying America’s lead. The Korean escalated the tensions between the two rival super powers. It became apparent that to restore confidence in Europe, economic assistance, rearmament of West Germany and military aid were necessary measures. The President thus sought Congress’s approval of $ 400 million towards aiding turkey and Greece both in terms of military and economically (Merrill, 20006).
The relationship between the United States and the USSR was unhealthy during the cold war. Russia’s aggression and expansion of its communist influence into Eastern Europe after the defeat of Germany was not taken well by the United States and other Western democracies. The US dominated the politics and economics of Western Europe and therefore was very threatened by Russia’s influence in the East. The two powers differed on ideology & politics and were competing for internal influence along the different lines. The competition lasted between 1947 and 1991 when the Soviet Union officially collapsed. The spreading communism ideology supported by Russia saw communist parties overthrow democratically elected governments in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Russia’s detonation of its first atomic weapon and its ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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