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Russia and China Foreign Policies on Central Asia - Research Paper Example

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Despite the ending of the Cold War, as well as, the breakup of the USSR, it is notable that the course for Central Asia remains core focus in the security and economic profiling of the Peoples Republic of China. The course follows that China entails to gain a continuum in which…
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Russia and China Foreign Policies on Central Asia
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Extract of sample "Russia and China Foreign Policies on Central Asia"

Download file to see previous pages The interest that China has in Central Asia is not new. The course of the interest in Central Asia entails their concern to extent control over the territory as well as control the territorial security. The sign of interest in this complex advancement is evident from the sustained rhythm of successive visits, since the first tour of Prime Minister Li Peng in 1994. Thus, the guiding thread of China’s foreign policy in relation to Central Asia is essentially to achieve “stability”.
The country of China exists in a political territory that continues to experience restlessness from je frontier zones to the periphery, despite the ending of the Cold War, a course that raises new series of risks. The collapse of the Soviet system and eventual independence of the Central Asian republics marked a remarkable fragmentation of the region in additional to continued autonomisation of the entire region. The effect is that a multitude of opportunities that existed and the stakes entailed for the Peoples Republic of China received a remarkable blow, becoming rather complicated (Lanteigne, 2009). The course is that the movement towards achieving the foreign policy compromises is yet far from conclusions.
Another concept entailed in the foreign policy regarding Central Asia is the end of the communism practice in 1989 I the USSR, which in effect granted the republics in the Central Asia region greater liberty (Lanteigne, 2009). Moreover, this development unfortunately coincided with the resurgence of the democratic calls entailed in Beijing, which marked a beginning of a period of agitation in China and the larger region. Notably, the disappearance of the Soviet threat in the region from the end of the Cold War marked the beginning of bilateral relations of the dimensions between China and Central Asia. The course in the 1990s, seemed to take a positive direction as China sought to weave ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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