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Is China a military threat to the U.S. or its Southeast Asian allies - Research Paper Example

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Recently, the US has embraced a foreign affairs clean-up for the unpredictable southeast region, to consolidate American influence in the region amid Chinese emergence as a powerhouse. In light of the need to consolidate the regional influence targeting the allies that also pose…
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Extract of sample "Is China a military threat to the U.S. or its Southeast Asian allies"

Download file to see previous pages ly influence continues to manifest hostility towards China, with provocative stands by the Philippines and Japan with regard to ownership of Islands in the contested regions belittling China’s growing stature in global politics.
The traditional differences in foreign ideologies between the two nations does not seem to be resolved soon, since national interests of the two nations fall on opposing sides. With the competition for the global arena as the next stage to exercise global politics, China and the US continually find it difficult to resolve the hardline stand due to heightened globalization setting. From the experiences of the past encounters with global politics, China will focus on chanting a different course and justify current success from acting differently.
In terms of recent astronomical economic performance in China, funding military exploration and ambitious intelligence systems raises concerns against such moves. In a world experiencing a spell of minimal aggression among nations, military expansion at the scale such as that witnessed in China recently triggers memories of the infamous Arms Race. Interesting timing of these developments in China at a time when global economic performance falls below China’s rate of economic growth translates to some form of opportunistic provocationi. Estimation of China doubling military spending by 2015 is a blatant insult to efforts of US peace building around the world. As such, the US can justify the move to assist and empower the allies in the southeast Asia regionii.
The account of China’s performance in terms of human rights protection in a rapidly democratized world is not only taken as an insult to the US but also to the international community. The isolation of Chinese internal affairs from the rest of the world calls for participation of the US in the global campaigns of a democratic global society further fuels the tension of a military provocation. Despite the participation of China in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Is China a Military Threat to the U.S. Or Its Southeast Asian Allies Research Paper)
Is China a Military Threat to the U.S. Or Its Southeast Asian Allies Research Paper.
“Is China a Military Threat to the U.S. Or Its Southeast Asian Allies Research Paper”, n.d.
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