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This happened when president Obama honored the celebration of India’s Republic Day. Some people said the president of United States…
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Topic will be included in my attachments
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"Topic will be included in my attachments"

Download file to see previous pages The rise of China has raised effect on the core interest of India. Delhi has started inclining towards the US in the Asian policy articulation. While Washington and Delhi are not allied in the conventional sense, the pressures between them in coordination their Asian strategies are believed to mount amidst the assertive rise of China (Sood, 28 Feb. 2015).
During early 1960s, there was a tilt between United States and India the conflict between Sino and India. The relationship continued until recently when there was a slight foundation from the emrging triangular relationship between the three countries. Basically, the better part of the cold war, the triangular relationship between Delhi, Beijing, and Moscow that possessed a greater share for the power balanced in south Asia. This continued until George W. Bush entered power especially during his second term that started in 2005 and ended in 2009. Indeed, Washington factored India its plans about China (Sood, 28 Feb. 2015).
The interlocutors of India and Bush were extra-careful not to parade their relations based on the opposition that it has against China. The surprising warmth of Bush to India was his desire to invest huge political fund in order to transform their relationship. Additionally his controversial stance in facilitating the trade of nuclear energy with India, were hugely taken to make India one of the counterweight to make China rise. The official proclamations to this decision were not documented, therefore, a senior architect of US’ Indian policy later revealed the core of the Chinese factor. The president advocates his transformation of the relation between US and India on the main strategic principle of a sovereign India as a crucial factor in balancing the power of the Chinese. George Bush made it clear that the whole issue was not based on containing China. Nevertheless, the senior architect said that without the influence of China at the administration of Bush there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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