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The Impact of Globalization on Recent Changes to Employment Patterns and Structure in either a Country or Industry of Your Choice - Assignment Example

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The report is primarily based on the fulfillment of certain salient objectives that can be underlined as follows. The report focuses on understanding the concept of globalization and its impacts on the industrial relation scenario. The report tends to set its focus on understanding the changes in the employment scenario in terms of patterns and structures linking the same to the aspect of industrial relations. …
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The Impact of Globalization on Recent Changes to Employment Patterns and Structure in either a Country or Industry of Your Choice
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Globalization on Recent Changes to Employment Patterns and Structure in either a Country or Industry of Your Choice"

Download file to see previous pages More specifically current sources are used for the report to gain knowledge of the pattern of current changes introduced thereof and its due implications on the employment scenario. Findings The findings relate that the era of globalization or liberalization has impacted the pattern of industrial relation policies and thereby the employment structures of the Indian economy. Firstly it is noticed that the system of due protectionism of employees which was the significant feature of Indian industrial relations gradually is subjected to abolition thereby contributing to the reduction of impacts of trade unionism in India. Secondly the system of collective bargaining is also found to be decentralized to render potential to the management in governing trade union activities. Thirdly the findings reflect that how human resource management functions have focused on development of employee productivity through aspects of training and employee development. Fourthly the growth of services and communication sector industries in the country is also noticed side by side with the manufacturing sectors thereby leading to the emergence of new employment structures. Fifthly policy changes to industrial relations in the post liberalization period reflected a rise in both organized and unorganized types of employment structures leading to the growth of casual and self-employed labor market. Sixthly case studies dealt with in relation to manufacturing sectors pertaining to cotton and jute mills are presented where issues relating to modernization and employee participation are presented. The findings reflect the impacts of modernization and participative style management in the specific...
The conclusion of the report specifically highlights on drawing a summary of the essential themes related to globalization and its impact on the employee patterns and structures in the Indian employment market. It also draws a summary of the findings of the report relating to the case studies used reflecting the impacts of industrial relation policy changes on the employer-employee relationships. Finally it also focuses on the pattern of recommendations sought in relation to the employment issues relating to the cases underlined.
This paper makes a conclusion that the mode of globalization in relation to the world at large has contributed to the development and introduction of new set of operational, trade and employer-employee relationship aspects along different sets of business enterprises. Moreover the emergence of a liberal market has also spurred the growth of different employment sectors both in relation to the developed and developing economies. The project focuses specifically on the Indian economy where the emergence of a liberal market framework has led to the birth of casual forms of employment in sharp contrast to the existence of only organized employment sectors. Moreover the emergence of both public and private sectors in the Indian economy also triggers the development of newer styles of employer-employee relationship patterns. In fact the mode of industrial relations has gained a far flung change in comparison to the period pre and post liberalization in influencing the patterns of employment patterns and structures in the industrial and employment scenario of India. It is found that during the pre liberalization period the employment and the industrial structure of India were mainly governed by manufacturing and other large scale industries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Globalization on Recent Changes to Employment Patterns Assignment.
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