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Legal Aspects of Doing Business in The Middle East - Term Paper Example

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An author of the paper "Legal Aspects of Doing Business in The Middle East" seeks to investigate the tendencies of market change at the United Arab Emirates due to globalization. Specifically, the writer explores the legal caveats of business operation at UAE…
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Legal Aspects of Doing Business in The Middle East
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Download file to see previous pages Even though the arrangement has made the growth of broad and planned legal systems feasible, these are inflexible and rigid to a certain extent, and this represents the system of government of directive that is linked with nations within the Middle East area as a whole. Since its foundation in 1971, the UAE has placed a provisional establishment, which quickly has changed into a stable one. This took place after the federal state of the UAE attained its constancy dedicated towards a fair strategy, and made cultural alterations and huge achievements at the local, provincial and global levels in addition to further development for the people of this nation; this would be among the most flourishing practices of an alliance. This constitution clarifies the major regulations of the political and constitutional management of the state. Actually, it has revealed the key reason for the organization of the federation, its ideas and elements on the local and district levels. It has as well elaborated on the most important communal and financial “pillars of the federation and stressed public rights, responsibilities, and freedoms” (Campbel, 2009). In addition, it has emphasized a federal system and controlled issuance of federal legislation in addition to the experienced establishment. In particular, it has taken care of economic dealings of the nation, armed forces conditions and governmental, administrative and global authorities among the nation and affiliate emirates.
“According to Article 144 of the constitution, amendments to the constitution being drafted by the Federal Supreme Council and must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the Federal National Council, after which the amendment is signed into law by the president” (Campbel, 2009). Main Provisions The “Federal Supreme Council” is the main legal power within the UAE. It is the major governmental and decision-making organization. It ascertains general regulations and endorses federal legislation. The leaders of Dubai and Abu Dhabi hold “veto power” (Campbel, 2009). The establishment manages the link amid the “federal government and the emirate governments” via the central government related controls and leaving an indefinite region of hidden authorities to the Emirates. Every emirate has power on its own oil and mineral assets and a few matters of inner safety. The federal government emphasizes dominance in nearly all issues related to regulation and government. Constitution allocates jobs to the federal government in the fields of foreign affairs, defense and protection, ethnicity and migration concerns, learning, health care system, coinage, communication methods, employment affairs, banking, distribution of territorial waters and criminals’ exile. It also permits the transference of governmental power located within the Union onto neighboring federal associations, mainly the financial center in Dubai. The change sets an example for the growth of the federal power. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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