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How does advertising treat convenience as necessity - Research Paper Example

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This essay describes how the advertising world grows enormously by consuming the very hands that feed it. Visually stunning and attractive advertisements leave a subliminal message to every person watching it. We live in a world trounced by consumerism. …
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How does advertising treat convenience as necessity
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Extract of sample "How does advertising treat convenience as necessity"

Download file to see previous pages The major part of the revenue put aside for marketing is spent on popularizing the product through mass media ads. Print media ads and TV channel ads have emerged into internet and mobile ads in the past decade. Most of these commercials are created by extremely creative people, who are capable of creating non existing desires. Men have lived on this earth for millions of years. But, only after the advent of advertisements did he realize he cannot live without credit cards. Purpose of the study The purpose of this study is to analyze the subliminal messages some of the famous commercials give out. Our aim is to create awareness among the users about the dangers of uncontrolled consumerism. What seems like a simple pleasure might be a poisonous inject into the strong economic root of a country. And the most disturbing part is the governments, citizens and the entrepreneurs extend their full fledged support to this making convenience a necessity advertising policy, without any idea of the future consequences. Companies spend millions of dollars every year on such ads instead of improving the quality of their products and the lifestyle of their workmen. Even great companies which followed this strategy like Nokia have come to a standstill point where they don’t have any more to spend. They are trying hard to come out of debt now, wondering why they wasted so many millions on commercials instead of paying their debt interests on time. With problems galore, can Middle East survive another “catch bee with vinegar” type attack on its culture and economy? Literature Review Consumerism is a single word. When we analyze the roots of this practice, it reaches back to colonialism and the post world war period. Whether we like to agree or...
This essay "How does advertising treat convenience as necessity?" outlines in detail how such a trance is created through visual media in an exceptional way, taking the Middle East Media as background. People who grew up in the Middle East will never forget the NIDO commercial with the tagline “NIDO - For The Golden Growing Years”. The divine mother-son sentiment was captured wonderfully in that half a minute commercial. However, the subliminal message it portrays is questionable. A luxurious milk supplement is shown as an important object of necessity which accompanies the child throughout its growth. What do such ads do? They inspire a mother to feed the baby with this product instead of the normal cow’s milk, a much cheaper and healthier product. Similarly there is the famous Close up ad featuring lemon and mint as two characters. The beauty and comical nature of the advertisement is mind blowing. The humorous romance ends with the note “love is sweet but Close up is sweeter”. This advertisement is every person’s heartthrob. The way it is portrayed lightens our mind, no matter how tensed we are. Again the subliminal message the ad portrays is the best example of how the advertising field transforms a simple paste into something as necessary as love. One Zain telecoms recent ad, features people from different countries of the Middle East like Egypt, Lebanon, Arabia and Dubai. The visuals are stunning, captured in HD camera showing the actions of various people in slow motion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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