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Blue Advertising Campaign - Case Study Example

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Blue" Advertising Campaign Date "Blue" Advertising Campaign Advertising aims at convincing people to purchase either goods or services by a certain brand. For any organization to make a sale, it has to conduct some form of advertising…
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Blue Advertising Campaign
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Extract of sample "Blue Advertising Campaign"

Download file to see previous pages For Blue commercials, the main aim is persuading pet owners to use their food to feed their pets. To consider an advert as successful, it must have achieved its purpose; in this case, persuading target market to purchase a product or a service. Methods settled by the company in selling their ideas mostly depend on the main intentions of the advert and the target audience. While some advertisements suit best in the print media, others suit best in the visual media. This is the main reason why different companies exhaustively use a particular form of advertising; but seemingly ignoring the rest. Blue advertisements specifically target the visual media, and to a large extent television commercials. In this essay, I will conduct a case study of the Blue advertising TV commercials, exploring their influence on the people and how well they succeed in persuading people to purchase the brand. Blue pet food is one of the recent brands on an ad campaign aimed at persuading customers to purchase their products. Discussing the qualities and characteristics of the foods to the people, while using previous customers as witnesses to the quality of these foods, Blue definitely captures the attention of every pet owner, convincing them to try their brand (“”, 2013). ...
Thus, the more creative an ad is, the more the likelihood of that ad selling the information to the audience. Not only should creativity in an ad focus the target market only, it should focus on all people; any person can be a customer. The making of Blue ads as all-round ads increases the number of potential customers won. Many people define creativity as the art of simplifying something that is complicated for people to understand. In advertising, creativity serves the main purpose of fulfilling psychological, marketing and corporate needs of the customers (McStay, 2013). By creatively making their adverts, Blue adds new perceptions and enjoyments to the products. For an advert to qualify as a creative piece, it has to motivate the customers, prompting them to buy the particular product or service on offer. In essence, it should prompt them to make a purchase, whether they had planned to purchase or not. Creativity in adverting as demonstrated by Blue pets’ food brand in their ad campaign should be memorable to the people. The company seeks to prove that they provide the best content to the customers. In fact, every episode in their ad campaign aims at pulling the mind of the customers to purchase their products. Not only is this creative, it acts as a means of persuading the people that Blue food is the best that they can provide to their dogs. Through the nature of their ads, Blue creates an impression that pets, both cats and dogs are part of the family, something rather odd. How is this possible, yet they are animals? In their stream of ads, Blue points out that our pets spend a lot of time with us, making them part of us. They thus require special food, specially prepared for our other family members (“”, 2013). Strategically, this acts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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