Critical discuss empirical evidence supporting, or challenging, Noelle-Neumann' s theory of Spiral of Silence - Essay Example

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The theory attempts to expound on the tendency of individuals to remain silent regarding an issue that has the support of the majority in the society (Noelle-Neumann, 1993). The theory further…
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Critical discuss empirical evidence supporting, or challenging, Noelle-Neumann' s theory of Spiral of Silence
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Extract of sample "Critical discuss empirical evidence supporting, or challenging, Noelle-Neumann' s theory of Spiral of Silence"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the people experiencing the circumstance of the theory often fear to lose their position in the society because of their divergent views (Donsbach, Salmon and Tsfati, 2013). Secondly, persons fear of adverse isolation or reprisal in a particular group. The individuals fear that their contribution to the group might lead to a negative impact on the operations of the group.
The theory further expounds that individuals have a "quasi-statistical organ" which enable them to what characters and contributions will lead to their isolation by the majority people in the group. According the theory, the closer an individual perceives the opinion held agrees to the prevailing opinion of the public, the more the likelihood of the person disclosing their opinion regarding the topic (Mutz, 1998). In this case, people in a particular group tend to embrace the opinion of the majority in the society regardless of their personal opinions about the issue. Additionally, if the opinion of the public changes regarding a particular concept, the individual realizes that their opinion does not agree with the overall opinion of the public. Consequently, they tend to minimize their contribution in various public forums in the society. The interpretations of the Theory of Spiral of Silence focus on various aspects of the society such as political, economic and religious contexts. People in the various social contexts fail to contribute to the affairs of the society because of the effects of spiral of silence (Donsbach, Salmon and Tsfati, 2013).
The spiral of silence starts with an in the initial contribution by the affected person top various issues in the society. According to the principles of the Spiral of Silence, an individual experiences the effects of the concept after their first opinion fails to concur with the overall opinion of the public (Daschmann, 2000). On religious context, people fail to criticize ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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