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State-Controlled Media: Different, Biased Versions on the Ukraine Crisis - Essay Example

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This paper declares that as the Ukraine crisis unravels, people from different sides of the world rely on different news and information sources to understand what is happening. The media, though used in the singular sense, is then actually far from being a monolithic entity. …
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State-Controlled Media: Different, Biased Versions on the Ukraine Crisis
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Extract of sample "State-Controlled Media: Different, Biased Versions on the Ukraine Crisis"

Download file to see previous pages European Union (EU), Ukraine and Russia have their own media monopolies, and every nation has their own social media users who support or criticize their governments and other governments. It is important to analyze the role of the media in depicting and shaping the Ukraine crisis because whoever controls the media affects what the media intends to affect- the ideology and behaviors of the civil society of each state and perceptions of the international public. Each state controls government-sponsored media for their own political and economic interests by promoting their official stories through framing the news and information which their supporters reinforce through social media reporting and all of them present issues and the news without further commenting on the incompleteness of these media reports and analyses and without promoting critical thinking for all audiences, thereby creating a misinformed public sphere.
Western media is guilty of framing the Ukraine issue through familiar official stories that easily pit pro-Ukrainian versus pro-Russian with greater vilification against the latter because of the importance of maintaining a pro-Western ally in Ukraine. Many reports from the West describe Russia as the enemy that instigates unrest in Ukraine for its own political needs of re-claiming Eastern Europe away from the EU and the U.S. BBC’s “Ukraine in Maps” provides a simplistic view of the Ukraine issue. Because of what is happening in Ukraine, the West reports that Russia is taking advantage of the unrest to annex Crimea. The BBC reports: “The EU and U.S. condemned the ‘annexation’ of Crimea and imposed sanctions on Russian and Ukrainian officials”. The report frames the issue in ways that immediately place Russia as the enemy of Crimea, Ukraine, and the West, without fully providing details of what happened in Crimea and how it is connected to Ukraine.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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