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Ukraine and Russia conflict - Essay Example

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This essay describes the Russia’s interventionist policies within Ukraine crisis that started early in 2014. It also considers the Crimean annexation consequences in social and cultural context. The essay describes the roots of the conflict and gives the short review of the situation…
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Ukraine and Russia conflict
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Download file to see previous pages This essay demonstrates the social and cultural context of the crisis, the political crisis from theory perspective, e.g. realistic conflict theory, social dominance theory perspective, social dominance theory from the perspective of exploitation etc.
The crisis are not just political in the nature, rather their roots are originally rooted in the social and cultural aspect. The Crimean region consists of the population where percentage of the people is originally settled in Russia or they are affiliated in the ethnic manner with the Russian nation and its citizens. This gives the Russian government an excuse to protecting their rights. The paper also looks into the domains and dimensions of this particular conflict through the perspective of the two prominent theories of political science.
While the overall event and disturbance came to a boiling point in the form of military intervention of Russia, the crisis were precipitating in the form of the political turmoil and unrest which was building against the interests of Russia. It all started with the ousted of the elected President and the overall toppling of the elected government. The sequence of events followed by the ousted resulted in building of two blocks. The West, United States of America making up for the first bloc, the second bloc in the form of Russia itself. Russia was totally against the concept of ousting the previous government while United States of America and Europe extended their support to the stance and cause of government change in the troubled region.
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