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The Effect of International Relations on Ukraines Political Development - Term Paper Example

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In this paper, it becomes evident that Ukrainian society lives under the rules defined not in an independent manner but by international context because throughout the years its government has represented uncertainty in this dual choice concerning the direction of foreign policy…
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The Effect of International Relations on Ukraines Political Development
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Extract of sample "The Effect of International Relations on Ukraines Political Development"

Download file to see previous pages With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the main actors who try to shape the policy of transitional countries are European Union and Russia. In this context, the reflection of this uncertainty on domestic Ukrainian policy is evident. In particular, from the very appearance of independent Ukraine, the ideas of either getting closer to the Russian Federation or entering the European Union struggle with each other within Ukrainian society. In addition, radical changes of the ideological representation within Ukraine’s executive and legislative branches are closely linked to the preferences of this country in its foreign policy. In the given circumstances, the clear position of Ukrainian society is even not visible. Thus, the comprehension of Ukrainian internal situation is impossible without the investigation of a balance of powers between Russia and the EU, clarifying the dynamics of both Russian and European policies towards Ukraine, and characterizing the reflection of these international attitudes in Ukrainian internal environment. 
To start with, the contemporary state of international relations is an outcome of the Cold War era, as the ideological struggle between modern Russia and the Western world (in particular, the EU and USA) still exists. In the recent history of the European region, the key manifestations of this rivalry appeared when transitional countries entered either European Union (like Baltic countries) or established by Russia Eurasian Customs Union (like Belarus) (Freedman 8). After the decision of Poland on joining the EU, Ukraine turned into the border country between these two ideological camps due to its geographical position. Thus, the current case of the Ukrainian crisis includes previously existing frustration in the U.S.-Russian and European-Russian relations in the region of Eastern Europe (Graham 26).
Notwithstanding, it is not appropriate to perceive Europe as an actor with a united position. In this context, a significant level of economic cooperation between Russia and certain European countries either supplement or oppose the rivalry within the EU structure in relations with the Russian Federation. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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