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How do local.regional and national Politics/Policy and Business shape the literacy curriculum in Further Education - Essay Example

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It brings them back to the learning habit and provides them a second chance to study. Literacy program consists of mixture of different skills and experiences…
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How do local.regional and national Politics/Policy and Business shape the literacy curriculum in Further Education
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Download file to see previous pages Literacy and communication mould a person to facilitate and participate in the social order. Literacy is a facility, which makes a person capable to classify, understand, interpret, construct and compute in order to apply his knowledge and ideas to succeed in personal as well as social life. It consists of a range of education and learning activities which enable an individual to achieve his/her knowledge and ideas and to develop talent through which, one can contribute to society and its well being. Literacy is gaining knowledge; the fundamental knowledge and literacy is considered as the requirement for learning and attaining various skills, which help individuals to grow. The development of technology and science makes literacy and learning skills essential for the young and adults of all ages while appropriate utilization of these skills will help the development of a country.
During 1980’s and 1990’s dissatisfaction with the result of the education system in UK, the education system was massively criticized for the failure to produce adequately trained young people to attain knowledge and skill, it also failed to look out on the work culture which demands global economical development for achieving the global standards (Lumby, et al 2005). Comparing to global standards, the output and outcome of the educational system was pathetic and the large number of young people failed to achieve the minimum qualification at the age of 16 years and percentage of remaining in basic education after 16 years was also low.
To increase the participation in education and training, the government initiated the program for the youth of 14 years and above, who failed in attaining minimum qualification at their age levels. Despite many programs that the Government had implemented earlier, the 14-19 education programs were widely appreciated mainly due to several new methods which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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