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State Curriculum and Standards for the State of South Carolina Compared and Contrasted to the State of North Carolina - Essay Example

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The state curriculum and standards in North and South Carolina are different because of historical and social development of these states. South Carolina developed so called "Academic Achievement Standards" while North Carolina uses the "Standard Course of Study'…
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State Curriculum and Standards for the State of South Carolina Compared and Contrasted to the State of North Carolina
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Extract of sample "State Curriculum and Standards for the State of South Carolina Compared and Contrasted to the State of North Carolina"

Download file to see previous pages It is based on a philosophy of teaching and learning that is consistent with current research, exemplary practices, and national standards. In South Carolina "Curriculum standards" has been changed into "Academic standards" came into force in 2004. This is a standards document aims to meet students and their parents expectations. In accordance with the South Carolina Educational Accountability Act of 1998, the purpose of academic standards is to provide the basis for the development of local curricula and statewide assessment. To some entent, these two documents are similar as they stipulate the basic standards nationally accepted.
In North Carolina the Standard course of study include: Arts Education, Computer/ Technology Skills, English Language Arts, Guidance, Healthful Living, Information Skills, Mathematics, Second Languages, Science, Social Studies, Workforce Development, Dance and Music Education. The Curriculum of South Carolina include less subject covering only English, Foreign Language, Health and Safety, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Visual and Performing Arts fields. So, North and South Carolina have different set of subjects according to their state standards. It should be mentioned that today technological literacy is an integral part of a public school education. Whether or not access to multimedia computers and the Internet are realities for all students, state and national educational establishments, professional organizations and corporations recognize the immediacy of promoting appropriate integration of technology in K-12 classrooms. That is why in both states a particular attention is paid to technology standards for students and teachers which include: woven into curriculum standards, 1 unit of Computer Science required for graduation in South Carolina, and Computer-Technology Skills in North Carolina. For teachers the standards are the same for both state (ISTE foundation standards in State Technology Plan). Both of the states recognize four levels: 1 - Standard level; 2 - Knowledge and Skills level; 3 - Performance Descriptor level; 4 - Grade Level Example.
The purpose of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study is to guarantee that all students have equal access to the same basic curriculum. If public education is an avenue to equal opportunity, high standards must be set for all students. The Standard Course of Study does not seek to prescribe how schools should organize themselves or how teachers should instruct. Rather, the curriculum sets standards against which schools and teachers may judge their success. In contrast to South Carolina pays more precise attention to the question how schools should organize themselves in order to help students to achieve their goals.
The North Carolina ABCs Accountability Plan establishes performance standards which specify the level of proficiency a student must reach in order to have met specific content standards in specified subject areas. These performance standards are indicators of proficiency for those content areas that are tested. Today, however, the challenge of education is to prepare students for a rapidly changing world. According to standards adopted in South and North Carolina students should be prepared to: compete in a global economy, understand and operate complex communication and information systems, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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