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Effectiveness of sc 4-k program by county - Research Paper Example

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Effectiveness of sc 4-k program Name Institution ABSTRACT This research is dedicated to find out clearly the benefits of having 4K kindergarten in South Carolina. These benefits are only witnessed in the districts which have already implemented the program…
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Effectiveness of sc 4-k program by county
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"Effectiveness of sc 4-k program by county"

Download file to see previous pages Despite of being costly the 4K kindergarten drawing away big amount of state fund it has several advantages. The more the money spends in the program, the better the outcomes for the children. Learners who go through this form of kindergarten education tend to perform better in their both elementary and secondary level of education1. This implies that this program has much impact on learning in south Caroline. This is because it prepares the learners adequately for further education. INTRODUCTION 4K kindergarten program in South Carolina was an implemented plan for the children with the age of four years. This program was implemented by Sc general assembly. The registration of the children was free to the children who were trusted to do well in various districts of South Carolina. On top of the offering the country’s public school districts in the beginning offer guardian the chance to enroll their children with more than a hundred private and public preschool providers in the country. In this program for a child to qualify, he/she must have the age of four years, clear with free or decreased price. He or she must live in the following district in the Country, Sumter, Union, Saluda, Marion, Lee, Saluda, Florence, and Dillon among many more. This program would be extended to a full day kindergarten country wide. The total cost of the implementation of the program was a hundred million dollars upon estimation. However, this amount is only enough for one year. In the year 2010-2011, an estimated amount of $94.2 million from public money and $35. 6 million from the state was injected in the program. The program is also facilitated by the district’ parents as well as by teachers in the (P.A.T) program. This is operated through the office of parenting and family services. It hires a full time parent educator and part time parent educators in partnership with Lexington country first steps. This program seems helpful to the child’s education, through enhancing and encouraging education to the young toddlers the state is not able to cater for all the districts in the country. Due to this short coming, some districts in South Carolina have been left without the benefit. This means that they are lagging behind with the old fashion of education of plain elementally education or the primary schools. More benefits have been noted since the year 2006 which has been originating from the implemented program of 4K kindergarten. These benefits are discussed by the following essay. Research aims and objectives The main purpose of this study is to find out whether the implementation of the four-year-kindergarten program in schools can have any effect of the performance of students. The specific area of research is to find out whether the South Carolina elementary schools in school districts that have implemented the “4k” kindergarten perform better than the South Carolina elementary schools that have not implemented the program. The research question “Do South Carolina elementary schools in school districts that have implemented the “4k” kindergarten program perform better than those South Carolina elementary schools who have not received funding to implement this program? Literature review The 4k program is very vital for children development and success in academics. Different researches have documented the benefits of an early learning program for young children, the society and the community in large. According to these researches, it is very evident that nurturing environments with the best ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Effectiveness of Sc 4-K Program by County Research Paper.
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