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USA nursing school curriculum - Research Paper Example

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The focus of the current paper is more towards how the learners take up the lessons and not how teachers prepare their teachings. Also, distance learning programs in association with advanced technology are also part of the nursing education in the recent times…
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USA nursing school curriculum
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that nursing education and hence the curriculum of courses providing the courses on nursing have been found to have modified to great extents over the years. In the present times, the courses for nursing education include advanced techniques and measures with purposes of better preparation. Nurses in collaboration with other health officials are now found taking part in this mission. In the United States, the nursing education in different institutions, colleges or universities are accompanied through several opportunities related to the nursing profession. For example, special lectures arranged by leaders in the field of nursing are provided for the nursing students. Also, different associations related to the nursing and health care take part in the educational programs thus enhancing the effects of the courses. US present a picture of advancement and development in the field of nursing education and provide the international students with indefinite opportunities and facilities. While students from the home country as well as from abroad come together in the learning process, there is always a mutual learning that occurs between the students. For the particular study, the nursing curriculum of the University of South Carolina has been considered. The College of Nursing in South Carolina under the University of South Carolina follows a nursing curriculum that provides interested candidates with several courses including the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science, Doctor of Nursing Practice, and the Master of Science in Nursing degrees. ...
ng (BSN Program Information, n.d.), the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science, Doctor of Nursing Practice, and the Master of Science in Nursing degrees (Graduate Program Information, n.d.). The BSN program as provided by the university is a four-year undergraduate program that combines the studies of the professional course and the knowledge of liberal arts. In it the general knowledge associated with english, chemistry, statistics, biology, psychology, sociology and other elective papers are included. Students completing the undergraduate program are eligible to take the licensure examination that is National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). On clearing this examination, the nursing candidate can initiate her career in the profession of nursing (BSN Program Information, n.d.). Masters and Dual Masters courses are also offered under the nursing curriculum in the South Carolina College of Nursing. The Doctorate course combines nine courses related to the development of nursing theory, research and statistics (Graduate Program Information, n.d.). The Nursing Curriculum in USC and Its Success: Assessment and Analysis: Considering the needs and demands of the nursing candidates, and their growing interests in the field, it can be realized that the Bachelor of Science in Nursing proves to be an efficient course successfully preparing students to be able to perform in health organizations. In general the BSN program takes around four years to complete (Nursing, 2012). The college of Nursing under the South Carolina University was incepted in the year 1940 and accredited in 1957. Studies reveal that since then more than 6000 nursing students have completed their nursing courses from the university and started their career in the nursing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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