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Integrating the Bible in the High School Curriculum - Essay Example

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This paper "Integrating the Bible in the High School Curriculum" talks that religious instruction in public schools has been resisted on several grounds, such as a rejection of the teaching of the supernatural origins of creation and the imposition of the practice of Christian prayer on students. …
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Integrating the Bible in the High School Curriculum
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Extract of sample "Integrating the Bible in the High School Curriculum"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that the America of today that is rent by crime and heathen practices is only reflecting the Bible-less policy of years in the recent past, but if the Bible is integrated into the school curriculum now, the America of the next few decades could evolve into a better place, with a greater focus on moral and ethical values rather than hedonistic values that have led to substance abuse.
This paper makes a conclusion that there are two major reasons why integrating the Bible into the school curriculum may not only be an excellent option, but may actually be necessary. On the one hand, the Bible is a valuable source of academic learning and would enrich the educational experiences of young people if introduced into the curriculum. It would allow students to explore a fascinating range of historical events and classical literature. Secondly, it would inculcate within them the values of love and forgiveness and bring discipline and focus into their lives through the teaching of moral and ethical values. The Bible contains a wealth of stories that offer profound insights into human nature, and have spawned many offshoots in literature. On an overall basis, student understanding and appreciation of classical literature would be enhanced if the Bible is introduced into the school curriculum. Religious and spiritual instruction that focuses upon the teaching of ethical and moral values through the Bible can only enrich the character of students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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