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Full Name Professor’s Full Name Education, Class # December 19, 2013 Inclusion of All Students in Jewish Schools As a general proposition, there are arguments to be made in many regards that support the notion that to teach all students, regardless of background, limitations, disability, advanced ability, or otherwise, in the same classroom, is the wisest and most efficacious and most equitable approach to use, in public and private school settings…
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Download file to see previous pages Inclusion as a “term and as a practice was initially introduced with reference to disability but now refers to a general practice of equality and an active effort to attempt to determine ways that children are not precluded from services and experiences due to their difference, including a disability.”1 Inclusion in the context of a Jewish Primary School draws into consideration the issue of the Jewish religion particulars, which requires a particular understanding and knowledge concerning said religion that not just anybody would be equipped to impart. Thus, to require inclusion that mandated the teaching of the Jewish religion may be beyond the requirements for inclusion in the laws expressed by the United States law makers. However, if we are considering just the disability of the child that happens to be Jewish, then they would be treated the same as any other child under the law as pertains to their disability. Why include children with disabilities in Jewish schools? In the case of children that attend Jewish schools, there is a real good chance that those children live in a family that at least one of the parents practices the Jewish religion. ...
Inclusion is a “means of assuring social justice for all students with the objective of ensuring a greater benefit to society as a whole.”2 Therefore, all teachers should aim to be an inclusive teacher with a classroom where “the full participation of all students in all aspects of schooling”3 is embraced and accomplished. Research has confirmed that “teachers who embody and promote inclusion have been shown to improve learning for all students, regardless of significant individual differences.”4 In a report that described the “first national study specifically designed to determine the near-term effects of day schools on the academic, social, and Jewish trajectories of former students during their college years. The study considers the impact of day schooling in a variety of areas including Jewish identity and connections to Jewish communal life, as well as social and academic integration into college. The study contextualizes the experiences of students from day schools through comparison with Jewish undergraduates from private and public school backgrounds. Although the findings suggest that day schools can do more to improve math and science learning and to address the needs of diverse learners, the report also validates that day schools provide top-notch preparation for a broad range of colleges and universities, including those that are the most selective.”5 So, it would appear that to allow for inclusion in such a powerfully impactful environment during the formative years, the long-term effects are greatly to be desired by all Jewish students, and by logical extension, especially for those Jewish students with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Inclusion2 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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