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Human resource management is the art and science of acquiring, motivating, maintaining, and developing people in their jobs in light of their personal, professional and technical knowledge, skills, potentials, needs and values and in synchronization with the achievement of…
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On time plz
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Download file to see previous pages Supervisors and managers are under the scope of responsibilities of HR professionals insofar as overseeing the accomplishment of their respective tasks in view of the overall accomplishment of organizational goals.
A job is a group of positions having similar or related duties and responsibilities. The tasks and responsibilities of each group are distinctly different from those of other groups. (Martires 446) Before hiring workers, available jobs have to be classified and corresponding job information described mainly in terms of duties and responsibilities.
The concept of culture in organization is critical since it influences the philosophy and practices of management which works through people. It is vital that managers understand the people’s values, beliefs, needs and motivation. Managing corporate culture is a skill which every top officer should learn since culture change is a complex and long process involving coordinated efforts by top leadership which is very visible to their subordinates. Executives must change their behavior and through role modeling send signals to their constituents.
If the culture is not what the organization members want, it can be turned around to fit the mission and vision, strategy, structure, resources and technology of the organization. The well run corporations have developed cultures that are distinctive and responsible for creation, implementation and maintenance of their world leadership positions. In this regard, all phases of operations, strategy and staffing, and organizational culture have to be considered by human resources for the efficient and effective accomplishment of organizational goals.
Part 4: You are the HR staffing specialist at a very successful 25 year old company that manufactures home entertainment products: HDTVs, home-theatre equipment, etc. The manager of the marketing division has just left ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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