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According to a module on performance management and appraisal, the function of human resources on development and maintenance of personnel entails understanding the processes involved each facet…
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W2 D566 Performance Management/Measurement
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Performance Management versus Performance Measurement al Affiliation Performance Management versus Performance Measurement Distinguish between performance management and performance measurement
There is a difference between performance management and performance measurement. According to a module on performance management and appraisal, the function of human resources on development and maintenance of personnel entails understanding the processes involved each facet. Performance management was defined as “the process of identifying, measuring, managing, and developing the performance of the human resources in an organization” (Chapter 8: Performance Management and Appraisal, n.d., p. 285). On the other hand, performance measurement (or appraisal) “is the ongoing process of evaluating employee
performance. Performance appraisals are reviews of employee performance over time, so appraisal is just one piece of performance management” (Chapter 8: Performance Management and Appraisal, n.d., p. 285). This was corroborated by Martires (2004) who contended that performance evaluation or measurement enables the determination of the effectiveness of each personnel to achieve the objectives set by the organization in the most efficient and effective manner.
The Health Resources and Services Administration of the US Department of Health and Human Services distinguished these two terms, to wit: “Performance management is when an organization uses performance measures and standards to achieve desired results. It is a forward-looking, continuous process” (US DHHS, n.d., p. 1). On the other hand, performance measurement was defined as “the regular collection of data to assess whether the correct processes are being performed and desired results are being achieved” (US DHHS, n.d., p. 1).
Thus, the distinguishing component was clearly asserted in terms of emphasizing that performance measurement is just one relevant activity under the performance management function.
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