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Energy Conversion and Management: Refrigeration System for inter modal containers - Essay Example

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Transportation of temperature sensitive cargo requires the use of refrigerated containers. These refrigerated containers are ideal for inter modal freight transport and is termed as reefer. These reefers have an internal refrigeration unit and they actually operate on external power provided through the fuel based power generators…
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Energy Conversion and Management: Refrigeration System for inter modal containers
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Extract of sample "Energy Conversion and Management: Refrigeration System for inter modal containers"

Download file to see previous pages The liquid carbon dioxide based system is also very much popular. Based on Cryogenic concepts, this type of cooling system has the capability of freezing things at the level of 30 to 50 K and is very much environment friendly. But the latest technology in field of refrigeration systems is the Closed-Cycle Air Refrigeration Technology or CCAR (NIST). CCAR is based on the thermodynamic process termed as reverse Baryton Cycle which had been almost more than a century before and the refrigeration system working in jet planes were based on the same only. As an open cycle refrigeration system, this air based refrigeration technique is very much inefficient but the same air being used as a refrigerant for CCAR while using the advance technologies and much improved compressor, expander and seal, can be an excellent for any refrigeration plant. It can be used in food processing units, food storage plants, pharmaceutical industry and above all for the freight transport of intermodal containers as well as natural gases or transport gases (NIST).
Mechanical refrigeration system has been the first refrigeration system which has been used for any commercial purpose. ...
HFC-134a, HCFC-123 and HCFC-124 are the some of the refrigerants which are very much suitable for mechanical refrigeration.
Mechanical refrigeration cycle (WOU)
The mechanical refrigeration systems are based on the principle that absorption of heat by a fluid (refrigerant) as it changes from a liquid to a gas lowers the temperature of the objects around it. Compression system based refrigeration is employed in electric home refrigerators and commercial installations and involves a compressor which is being controlled by a thermostat and forcing the vaporized refrigerants to pass through a condenser by exerting pressure on a vaporized refrigerant (engel & Boles). At the condenser the vaporized gas loses heat and liquefies and is again moved through the coils of the refrigeration compartment where it again vaporizes there by drawing heat from whatever object are present in the compartment (Cavilini). The refrigerant then passes back to the compressor, and again the same cycle is repeated. Since the refrigerants have to go for quick vaporization and again getting cooled into liquid form. The temperature and pressure range of HCFCs and HFCs make it suitable for thermodynamically suitable for any mechanical refrigeration with much lower ozone depletion rate than CFCs ("Refrigeration").
Temperature entropy diagram of a compression vapour-compression refrigerating cycle
(engel &. Boles)
The effectiveness of the system can be measured by using the formula given below with all measurement of temperatures being done.
The condenser design is being optimized according to the choice of refrigerant. The thermal performance of the different refrigerants condensing at the sides of the tubes is being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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