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FISH TRANSPORT DESIGN - Assignment Example

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Transporting fish from location to location is often hazardous to fish health. The promotion of stress to fish during transportation and handling is considered harmful to fish life. In extreme cases, the fish may die. Extreme circumstances for fish death are far different from human standards…
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Download file to see previous pages This investigation is aimed at delineating criteria to transport fish followed by three concept level models. These models will be evaluated against the delineated criteria and the most suitable model will be chosen to transport fish over long distances. The business viability of the chosen model will be evaluated in terms of investment and operational costs to help fish owners and transporters decide if they wish to install such a system.
The current problem clearly states that fish will have to be transported in numbers between 5 and 200 and that the fish can stay on the road for up to 2 days. The most expensive fish in the lot is the Koi Carp. The Koi Carp is potentially a very sensitive fish and needs to be cared for excessively. For the purpose of this investigation, the baseline of water quality will be taken as that for the Koi Carp. If the water quality for the Koi Carp falls below certain constrained levels, then a major loss or failure will be assumed.
Constraint 1 maximum transportation time will be 2 days (48 hours)
As mentioned before, the baseline will be taken for Koi Carp. Thus aeration constraints will be developed along the lines for the Koi Carp. The density of Koi Carps should be kept at 80 cm length of fish for every 1 m3 volume. (Koi Carps, 2009) The average size of the Koi Carp is between 24 and 36 inches. If these values are averaged, the size of an average Koi Carp comes out to be 30 inches (76.2 cm). (Davis, 2011) Constraint 2 ? fish density based on average size 76.2 cm Water Quality The largest problem in maintaining healthy fish is the dissolved oxygen level. Any variations in the oxygen level can spell disaster for fish especially if the oxygen levels are not replenished after half an hour to acceptable levels. (FAO, 2011) Any and all factors that affect dissolved oxygen levels in water must be considered and dealt with accordingly. Generally the aeration system is constrained by: efficiency of the aeration system; transport duration; temperature of water; fish size; fish species. It is essential that the water used to house fish is kept clear. Any turbidity should be avoided and filters should be installed in the system to remove any particulate matter. Constraint 3 ? turbidity clarity Moreover, the pH level must be checked regularly to ensure that it keeps around 7. The acceptable pH levels for housing fish are 6 to 8.5. Constraint 4 ? pH level average at 7 Water temperature has a direct bearing on the amount of oxygen dissolved in water. Oxygen solubility in water decreases exponentially as the temperature of water increases. Therefore, if the water temperature rises significantly as the fish are being transported, the oxygen levels in water will suffer significantly. (Engineering Toolbox, 2011a) The variations of oxygen levels with water temperature are graphed in Appendix A. Constraint 5 ? water temperature should not vary significantly Moreover, the oxygen content of the water needs to be checked regularly to ensure that it does not fall below the designated threshold of 5 mg / litre. The variation in oxygen levels is between 8 and 9 mg / litre. Constraint 6 ? oxygen levels in water averaged at 5 mg / litre Moreover, the water quality should be maintained within the constraints listed above and no value should be allowed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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