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Cubist interiorizations - Essay Example

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The movement became one of the biggest art movements in history which revolutionized not only painting, but also architecture and interior design. The essay discusses the…
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Cubist interiorizations
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Download file to see previous pages ) by Sigfried Giedion and Transparency: Literal and Phenomenal (1963) by Colin Rowe & Robert Slutzky along with the insightful articles of the famous art critic Robert Hughes have helped foster the link between cubism and architecture even more. Interior design has always been an extension of architecture and in the modern world; interior design enjoys an elevated level of popularity.
Interior design is a subject which bears a resemblance to beauty and fashion. Just as the world of fashion has trends and variability, interior design too has its share of trends and variations. Neo-modern architecture and interior design integrates a number of styles and components, which include pop art, art-nouveau and cubism. Since interior design greatly affects the comfort level and coziness of people, interior design is a very important area. In fact, one of the measurements for prosperity, status and success is the interior design of a place. The owner of a house or an office often asks the designer to design their interiors which best suit the budget and aesthetics of the owner. The size or dimensions of the interiors also play a big role in the choice of interior design. The interior designers often suggest a design which is more minimalist. Several color stylists and designers are now recommending an interior design which doesn’t have excessive decorative elements, complex constructions or contrasting color scales. They are rather encouraging designs which incorporate high end technology and the aesthetic appeal of the materials used in the design. This is the style which is called the neo-modern style of cubism.
This present connection between interior design and cubism was perfectly understood by the Bohemian born Swiss historian Sigfried Giedion. He was born in 1888 and was one of the major influential figures in the area of architecture and cubism. Two of his books Space, Time and Architecture, and Mechanization Takes Command paved the way for future interior ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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