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The beginning is 20th century saw the emergence of cubism. The writer of the paper "Cubism and 3D sculptures" suggests that Cubism led to the abandonment of single viewpoint of objects for a more geometric and realistic 3D view of objects drawn on a 2D plane…
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Cubism and 3D sculptures
The beginning is 20th century saw the emergence of cubism, a painting style that balances the geometry and reality of objects as seen in various dimensions. Cubism led to the abandonment of single viewpoint of objects for a more geometric and realistic 3D view of objects drawn on a 2D plane, where artists pursued beauty and attraction.
Artists like Frank Lloyd, Giger, Robin, and Boccioni among many other creative brains curved sculptures to pass a statement of the value of cubism on the world of arts (Jeskiewicz, pars. 2-3). Drawing from the influences of these artists’ works on the modern day 3D environment, I have to admit that their sculptures have played critical roles in the production of 3D objects in videos and computer graphics. Its common knowledge that, in the present day, there are machines and computer programs that can create various 3D videos, largely by replicating actual physical objects curved out of wood, soap stones, clay, metal and plastics.
In my attempt to understand the link between cubism and 3D, I inverted pyramid of several boxes laid above each other. However, I realized that there was no balance in the dynamism of the boxes. Hence, I turned them over and drew the box down into two 4-point stars, each on top of the other. From this, I could visualize a wrought iron glass structure erected on a tall platform. From this dimension, cubism inspired my imagination of a 3D sculpture.

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