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Assignment: Case Analysis and Discussion (4) - Essay Example

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However, this strategy of Dell has not worked in the recent times as the growth is almost stagnant in the urban market. Therefore, Dell needs to…
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Assignment: Case Analysis and Discussion (4)
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Download file to see previous pages They have limited knowledge of computer systems and technology. As a result people are not confident of depending on the website where only limited queries can be answered. They turn to distributors or resellers. Dell needs to educate people about the concept of self-customization. They shall be given an orientation education about the various components of the system and the advantages of it. The people can be educated by means of road shows, workshops free seminars etc. All these will help people acquire knowledge as well as give a marketing tool to Dell.
Dell Reseller Partners: Instead of appointing resellers and distributors directly, Dell can set up Dell Exclusive showrooms. Whenever a person wants to buy a Dell system, he can go to the exclusive showroom. The showroom will then educate the customer about the various components and assist him in finalizing the configuration of the system. The customized system then shall be ordered as if ordered directly. This will have an added advantage in terms of modes of payment acceptable. The addition of reseller commission will add to the cost marginally, but increased sales may override it. Another option can be of kiosks in malls.
R&D: People in rural and semi-urban markets do not have requirements for high-end sophisticated system. Dell should invest in R&D that enables it to produce simple efficient machines cheaply. Another market segment that Dell can focus on is the small and medium businesses in these small towns. This also calls for education of the small and medium businesses in these areas.
Understand the Chinese culture: Dell needs to have an understanding of the Chinese culture. The website shall be redesigned keeping in mind the same. Instead of being viewed as a MNC hurting the interest of China, it should try to be seen as a company that works in the interest of China. All this needs active PR and marketing which will increase the cost of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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