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In the contemporary times, the competitive environment of business paradigm consider customer as the most important factor for success and therefore, market strategies and managerial decisions are focused towards their needs and requirements. The paper addresses the market…
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Case studty (marketing)
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Download file to see previous pages k due cognizance of changing customers’ requirements and used various market metrics to track customers were found to be the major facilitators for improved performance outcome of OQTA in 2004.
The fast changing socio-economic paradigms and advancing technology has tremendously changed the dynamics of market strategies. ‘Organizations must change because their environments change’ (Bateman, 1990). In the contemporary times, the customer has become much more informed and technology has provided him with more options within the similar product lines, but produced by different companies. The case study of Outback Queensland Tourism Authority or OQTA is a case in point where application of marketing theory significantly improved the performance outcome of IQTA.
Outback Queensland Tourism Authority or OQTA is a non profit premier organization of Queensland, Australia that is primarily responsible for the marketing, promotion and development of the tourism industry of Queensland’s Outback. OQTA promotes the interest of 21 government agencies and has around 230 members comprising of various stakeholders like tour operators, accommodation and transport providers etc It was observed that despite an intensive and focused mass communication campaign through brand building advertisements in television and radio, outback tourism saw 5% less visitors during 1999 to 2003. The present situation would be analyzed for the decreasing business and efforts would be made to identify the areas that lacked focus and new strategy that need to be pursued to turn it around and increase tourism activity in the outback.
Outback covers substantial 48% of Queensland. While the lack of funds might have contributed to low business to some extent but the major factors that were responsible for low turnout of visitors were primarily because OQTA market strategy lacked of market orientation and brand building rather than the customers was the main focus of the marketing activities. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Studty (marketing) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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