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Marketing strategies are tools used by companies to attract customers to buy products and services. First, it has to attract customers, make them interested, create a desire and drive them to action. This study will analyze strategies used by Club Med to attract tourists to stay at their facilities…
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Strategies in meeting consumer demands of Club Med Marketing strategies are tools used by companies to attract s to buy products and services. First, it has to attract customers, make them interested, create a desire and drive them to action. This study will analyze strategies used by Club Med to attract tourists to stay at their facilities. In the face of stiff competitions of resort and hotels, what are the strategies developed by Club Med. The analysis will be done in two parts, first is the study of consumer demand, and second, what strategies work for Club-Med.
1. Consumer demand
Club Med expects to attract tourists to its several facilities located in many areas of the Mediterranean and all over the world. Tourism in Mediterranean is considered to be a big industry providing employment and income to people and to the government. In spite of the global economic crisis, tourism has remained unaffected in Europe. Tourist arrivals from 260 million in 1990 are expected to come up to 700 million in 2025. (European Environment Agency) Tourism market is expected to remain strong as Mediterranean is considered to be a prime tourist destination in the world. Chart 1 below shows the tourists' arrivals in Mediterranean
Chart 1. Tourist Arrivals in Meditarranea
Source: European Environment Agency
2. How does Club-Med respond to expected tourism demands' Club Med is classified as a hotel with products of travel and tourism. It responds to the expected increase of tourism thru its marketing strategies in holiday packages in Club Med villages and realty business of luxury villas.
Marketing strategies of Club MED
2.1 Investing in Club Med Villas. Income and investment are two unique ideas that attract tourists and investors in the purchase of luxurious Club Med Villas. The pricing package for a 2-4 bedrooms comes between 992,000' and 1,500,000', completely furnished and has its own swimming pool. Aside from adding value to the property over time, owners may entrust Club Med to have his villa rented for short stay of foreigners, thus providing owner an income from the property. (Property & Real Estate) Club Med has future plans for expansion. It will build more luxury villas and resort hotels in the near future following their launching of Club Med Villas. 2.2. Holiday vacations. Club Med charges an annual membership fee of $55 for adults and $25 for children in order to enjoy vacation holidays in over 80 Club Med resort villages in Europe, Africa, USA, The Caribbean, Brazil, Southern Asia, French Polynesia and Australia. This is paid upon booking of travel. (Club Med Vacation Travel Guides)
2.2.1 Attractive tourism packages. Club Med strives to give utmost satisfaction to its visitors. It has planned entertainment packages, food and drinks unique to village style of Club Med. It has a diversity of entertainment nightly that visitors participate in, such as family entertainment and sports.
2.2.2. Club Med websites.

The company has provided a website for information on destinations, package tours, prices of village and other amenities. Bookings can also be done thru internet, thus minimizing the lost of time in going to travel agencies and airlines for inquiries. (Club Med)
3. The Club Med Failed Marketing strategy. Club Med made a big mistake in 1990 when it changed its marketing strategy from being a holiday village resort to being a service company. The club was turned to gyms, bar/restaurant complexes and turned the resort to a budget resort for young adults. Aside from this, competition gave Club Med a difficult time as their idea of resorts was copied by their three closest competitors. (Wikipedia) Demand and bookings at the villas became low and Club Med's income declined. When the management returned to the old holiday village concept, Club Med recovered and has strengthened its hold on the tourism market in the Mediterranean today. (Wikipedia)
Conclusion. Changing strategy did not work well for Club-Med as tourist like the old concept of holiday villas. The introduction of sale of luxury villas is expected to work well for the company as many tourists prefer to have a quiet atmosphere in the Mediterranean. Marketing tool that helps promote the company is the website that gives all the information needed by tourists. Brochures can be given upon request, and price quotations for services could be released thru internet. This is a low cost advertisement that is available worldwide.
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