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I believe that "multiculturalism" means that we understand at a rudimentary level, many different cultures and how to work with them so that we are sensitive to their needs. "Culture" to me does not only mean race or ethnicity, but it also covers religion, sexuality, gender and…
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Wk 2 disc (22&31)
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WK 31) Discussion I believe that "multiculturalism" means that we understand at a rudimentary level, many different cultures and how to work with them so that we are sensitive to their needs. "Culture" to me does not only mean race or ethnicity, but it also covers religion, sexuality, gender and more. I believe that going to cultural events and attending workshops that are specifically geared toward multicultural counseling are ways that I am learning about different cultures and how to work more effectively with them. However, I do understand that until a counselor is involved within the community where they are going to counsel, they will not have an understanding of the culture.
I agree with the Hansen et. al (2006) study because I think that the factors they found: showing respect for the clients world view, evaluating when the counselors own views, assumptions and biases are impeding the counseling process, and establishing rapport are very important in working with any group, but especially with multicultural groups (p. 70).
In the study by Constantine et. al (2004), a good point was made that many institutions are not open to multiculturalism and this can cause problems. However, a counselor who is willing to be flexible and who is willing to get to know different cultures will succeed better than someone who is not. Constantine et. al also said that a multi-cultural counselor must understand cultural issues. I believe this is true because this is a way that one can relate better to a client and it develops trust.
Constantine, M.G., Melincoff, D.S., Barakett, M.D., Torino, G.C. and Warren, A.K. (2004). Experiences and perceptions of multicultural counselling scholars:
a qualitative examination. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 17 (4) p. 375-393.
Hansen, N.D., Randazzo, K. V., Schwartz, A., Marshall, M., Kalis, D., Frazier, R., Burke, C., Kershner-Rice, K., and Norvig, G. (Nancy Downing Hansen, Katherine V. Randazzo (2006). Do we practice what we preach? An exploratory survey of multicultural psychotherapy competencies. Professional Psychology Research and Practice, 37 (1), p. 66-74). Read More
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