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Interpretation of Class Room Discourse - Assignment Example

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This paper "Interpretation of Class Room Discourse" focuses on the analysis of a given classroom where the teacher instructs the English language to the students whose primary language is not English. The objective of the teacher is to make the students expert in all the four aspects of language.   …
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Interpretation of Class Room Discourse
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Extract of sample "Interpretation of Class Room Discourse"

Download file to see previous pages The following pages are the transcript of the classes followed by the interpretation of the classroom discourse and further methods to make the class effective.
English is known as the ‘universal language’. But always, it is the most difficult language to teach because there are no rules in English without exceptional cases. Every region in the world has its own style and variety of English. No unity can arise regarding Communicative English in the present day world. The following pages are an attempt to view the language instruction and its particulars in a critical manner and also to share the standard method (if there is one) of English language instruction,
‘Making a list is an activity based learning session conducted between about fifteen students and a female teacher. The complete activity is transcribed below (except a few names and unclear responses). The transcription is based on the movie segment showing the learning session. ‘T’, ‘S’, ‘I’, ‘R’ and ‘F’ represents a teacher, student, initiation, response and feedback respectively.
The teacher has a perfect picture of what she wants as the answer to this question. All that she wants is to get the answer from her students. Also, the answer evoked from the student's side bring in more attention.
7 T: Saturday, and we need to find out what we are going to buy. And we’re going to have to put a tick, or across…. a tick like that, tick, or across (T draws tick and cross onboard) …to tell us what we are going to buy on Saturday when we go shopping on Saturday. So let’s have a look at what we are going to buy, our shopping list, and we’ll think about what we are going to buy now.
 The teacher and students have grasped the idea by this point. But as the students are on the basic level, she has to take care that none loses out the track in between.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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