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An Invention of a Ubiquitous Access Management System - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses an invention of a ubiquitous access management system (UbAMS) by comparing the existing federated access management systems (FAMS) according to different criteria. It provides personalization features, alongside compliance with accessibility and usability standards…
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An Invention of a Ubiquitous Access Management System
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Download file to see previous pages The modern world is highly competitive in terms of being equipped with the latest information and technology. The advent of internet aggravated this desire since it provided avenues of being connected with the world. Different services started being offered on the web that created the need for the users to make online accounts. Online accounts needed the entry of personal information and details. Another aspect that threatened information revolves around the fact that organizations made their customers’ data available on the net so that their services could be availed online. The availability of an ocean of knowledge and personal information tempted the malicious users to use this data for criminal purposes and different techniques were invented to threaten the privacy of the users.
The violation of the privacy of the users created a daunting need for rights management systems that would be able to filter the users [1, 2]. Access management systems provided access rights for a specific system only to the users whose identity could be verified by the system [3, 4]. This was a major improvement with respect to the security breach of personal details and identity attributes. However, access management systems seemed to lack in the area of providing unified access across several systems; these systems provided identity management to single systems or organizations [5-10]. The constraint of limited access and maintenance of multiple accounts for accessing different organizations did not meet the highly competitive needs of the modern world. Therefore federated access management systems were created to provide access to several systems and organizations through a unified identity [11-14]. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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