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As we walked off the bus, I thought to myself: "Its really not that cold here." But my friends all told me: "You have to visit in the winter to get the full experience." As we walked along and time passed, I started feeling the cold. I began to shiver a little bit. After a…
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In which place have you felt most inspired and why
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September 10, 2009 Re: Where have I felt most inspired? Dear Admission Committee: As we walked off the bus, I thought to myself: "Its really not thatcold here." But my friends all told me: "You have to visit in the winter to get the full experience." As we walked along and time passed, I started feeling the cold. I began to shiver a little bit. After a while, I was unable to feel my feet anymore. Finally, we reached our destination. In front of me stood a long wooden shack surrounded by barbed wire. Shacks of the same kind were all around us, as far as the eye could see.
As we walked in, our guide, who was a survivor himself, started yelling at us: "Faster, Faster!" We rushed in and stood in front of him startled and cold. Lined up along side each another were tens of wooden bunk beds. Then he yelled again: "You!" pointing to one of my friends, "get inside that space" and he pointed towards the space between two bunk beds. Then he yelled again: "You—get in next to him!" And so he went on ordering six more of my friends into that space. When we thought it was too much, he just yelled: "Squeeze more!" Finally he stopped, and told my friends who were by now so cramped they couldnt breath, "Now turn to the other side." They were all squeezed in so tightly that turning was impossible. Finally he said: "I didnt turn for three years while I was here. It was cold, we were hungry, and even the most basic act such as turning in your sleep was impossible. It didnt matter if you were black or white, fat or skinny, slow or fast. We were all in the same bed, and NO one could turn." That was Auschwitz, and that was one of the most inspiring moments of my life.
And that is why you should consider me for your MBA program.
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