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How can societal and/or regime security explain intra-state conflict - Essay Example

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Accordingly, state insecurity can play a very important role in stimulating intra-state conflict and violence. Utilizing a security studies perspective and looking at intrastate conflict over the past…
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How can societal and/or regime security explain intra-state conflict
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Download file to see previous pages Seeking to explore regime insecurity and extreme violence and genocide, this essay will explore Nazism and the Final Solution, the recent Sri Lankan Civil War, Saddam Hussein’s gassing of the Kurds of Halabja and the horrendous Rwandan Genocide. Arguing that the state often plays an important role in stimulating domestic violence and that regime insecurity can breed extreme violence and intra-state conflict, the following will explore these four case studies in comparative perspective (Buzan, 1997).
The Third Reich represents one of the darkest moments in Germany history. Established during the height of the fascist frenzy which propelled the National Socialist party to power in post-War Germany, the Third Reich and Nazi Germany are terms which are often used synonymously to describe this particularly ominous period. As a totalitarian dictatorship which replaced the Weimer Republic and officially lasted a dozen years, the Third Reich was established on the supremacy of the fascist political doctrine and the supremacy of the German Aryan race. This regime was inherently insecure and its insecurities culminated in the Second World War and the eventual extermination of millions of Jewish people throughout Europe.
An authoritarian political movement which evolved during the early half of the twentieth century, fascism was the dominant political ideology in Germany for more than a dozen years. Championed by the charismatic torchbearer of this new and increasingly powerful political movement, Adolf Hitler brought fascism to the forefront of German politics by tapping into widespread social discontent following World War I. What lead to the development of fascism in Germany? Fascism arose in response to a variety of domestic and international factors following World War I. Fascism can be defined as a militant political movement which promoted a unique mixture of ideology and organization in an attempt to create a “new type ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Can Societal and/Or Regime Security Explain Intra-State Conflict Essay.
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