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To what extent might a couple’s developmental context/attachment history contribute to their ability to relate effectively with their partner? How might a…
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Relationship and Marital Therapy
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Download file to see previous pages It is a good that at present, most people do not perceive counseling or therapy this way, as they recognize the fact that it is not easy to maintain a satisfying marriage where all the needs of both parties are being answered (Perry n.d.). And since the family is still considered as the basic unit of society, most studies show that the conflicts within the parents is a major aspect of children having negative behaviors in general (Perry n.d.). Although “staying together” is not really the answer especially if marital trouble is present and looming inside the home.
Some people may contend that they have married the wrong person so they are not really compatible with each other (Perry n.d.). But before marrying somebody, the differences of each is what normally attracts one to the other as “opposite poles attract.” It is likewise a wrong misconception that a marriage counselor or professional therapist can actually save a marriage. This not also true, since there is no professional who can or should give the assurance that they could save a marriage which is literally falling apart in the seams (Perry n.d.). Basically, a divorce may be the result of a therapist’s greatest attempt to prolong the marriage. And while others may not be in favor of it, pressures which steams out of family and church tradition to stay married are followed. And therapists are not advised to take side in the matter (Perry n.d.).
Prior to actual marital therapy sessions, it would be most prudent for the therapist to utilize assessment tests which have a good reputation that will help decide and will be the basis of the type and length of therapy involved for a particular couple (Perry n.d.). These tests are normally based on research studies which gives an exceptional explanation of the relationship status. At times the test result pattern may be different from what the couples say during interviews. Also things may seem to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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