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Personal Mission & Professional Goal Statements for Educational Leadership Class - Essay Example

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A word derived from the Latin word voco or vocare, meaning “to call” or “calling”. Every one of us has vocation, our own calling in life. I believe that my vocation in life is to educate people. The very reason why I chose this path is for me to fulfill my…
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Personal Mission & Professional Goal Statements for Educational Leadership Class
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Download file to see previous pages I was given the passion to learn new things in each and every day of my life. I chose to deal out what I have learned to everyone. I was given the freedom to influence other people. I opted to influence others with the knowledge that God gave me. I was called to teach. I agreed to be His disciple, His follower. I was given the voice to speak out His glory. I conceded to be His voice here on earth. This is my calling, my vocation. This is the path that I chose. This is my way to my salvation. I will squeal on top of my lungs. I will teach His words. I will live by His words. I will educate people as long as I can. This is my mission.
I am free. I will complete my mission in any way I could as long as I know that I abide by the rules and regulations. I will find ways to further enhance my skills so that I will be able to fulfill my purpose in life. What do I have to do to keep my mission on its correct track? I created a list of things I should keep in mind for me to address my mission. First, as an educator, I will try to keep an open communication with my superiors, with my fellow educators, and with my students and their guardians. I would regularly ask them for their opinions regarding the way I teach and reach them. I will make them feel that every word they say about me and about certain things are appreciated and highly regarded. I would establish a good, healthy relationship with my students. I will try to gather their thoughts and perspectives about education. I would listen to their voices for I know that being an educator is a two-way process, they learn from me and at the same time, I will be able to pick up relevant points from them, views that I could use in my own personal living. I will attend to every meeting especially if the meeting would be comprised of the people I usually encounter. I would try to develop programs that would unite the students’ parents and the faculty members of our school, so that through these programs we will be able ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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