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There are many different characteristics which appear to be necessary in order to be successful in the top management layers at global advertising agencies. One professional characteristic appears to be having a strong understanding of profitability expectations and being able…
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Euro RSCG Worldwide Named Largest Global Advertising Agency
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Euro RSCG Worldwide: Key Characteristics of Admen/Adwomen” BY YOU YOUR ACADEMIC ORGANISATION HERE YOUR HERE HERE Euro RSCG Worldwide: Key Characteristics of Admen/Adwomen
There are many different characteristics which appear to be necessary in order to be successful in the top management layers at global advertising agencies. One professional characteristic appears to be having a strong understanding of profitability expectations and being able to relate this to advertising and consumer-related targeting. This ties in closely with understanding the target audience and what they are actually looking for when selecting between different competing brands. For example, the class notes identify that many companies will select an ad agency based on their local reputation. One of the main objectives, it seems, of advertisers is to create a positive brand image by making one product stand out from other competing products. In local markets, buyers are going to have their own experience-based perceptions about a particular brand. For example, if many owners in a local European market have had poor experiences with quality when buying a Volvo, it is likely that the brand will not sell well in this market. Senior level managers, from the professional level, must understand whether or not these negative (or sometimes positive) perceptions exist and work to undo this damage using clever advertising tactics. Essentially, the senior level adman/adwoman must know their market environments and be ready with advertising tactics which will give the best image to the particular product brand. This is especially true when advertising globally because each region will have different feelings about products, due to the fact that brand reputation and consumer perceptions will determine the ability to sell products and remain profitable.
Another professional trait is to understand the financial aspects of the advertising objectives so as to measure, successfully, whether a particular advertising campaign is meeting with success or failure. At the highest levels of an advertising organisation, there is going to be the need to understand whether or not to allow higher budgets for advertising or whether to cut in certain areas in order to remain profitable. One publication identifies that expenditures in advertising need to be routinely considered to ensure that monies are not being wasted on fruitless and ineffective advertising for products (, 2008). This would mean having a strong understanding of how to comprehend different sales reports and balance sheets (from an accounting perspective), in order to provide the best budget for the particular brand or products. Once again, because there are different consumer-related expectations and feelings about brands in different regions, it would be highly important to understand which specific markets should receive higher or lower budgets and be able to monitor success ratios routinely.
Personal characteristics would seem to involve the ability to provide creative solutions in the event that current global marketing efforts are not meeting with financial or sales successes. Another advertising professional identifies that top admen/adwomen should be able to “write taut, confident prose” (Bullmore, 2009, p.34). This would mean that a top advertising executive should be able to come up with unique advertising campaigns and also recognise when others on their advertising teams might be coming up with advertising concepts which are ineffective.
Finally, another personal characteristic seems to be able to deal with the public effectively to build positive reputations for the global ad firm. David Jones, Global Chief Executive Officer at Euro RSCG Worldwide, is an advocate for positive public relations (, 2009). Because there is so much linkage between brand image, company image and the needs of consumers, a positive public relations person who can deal effectively with different social groups would be vital in a globally-minded ad agency.
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