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Environment of business (globalisation) - Essay Example

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The development of globalization has proved to be significant in developing links and a mixture of cultures around the globe, making regimes to form alliances in order to participate in trade and social activities such as provision of human services. In the practice, it has…
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Environment of business (globalisation)
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"Environment of business (globalisation)"

Download file to see previous pages The admission of the overseas traders in to the less developed economies is an advantage, though it presents a number of troubles.
The two main drivers towards this recent increase in globalization have been opinionated as well as industrial aspects. They have led to the flourishing of trade between countries globally. “Beginning from 1950s, globalization of industries increased at a high rate” (Griffiths and Wall, 2007 p. 37). This essay gives a critical analysis of two of the main drivers of this wave, which are political forces and technological aspects. The driving force towards adopting the various forms of globalization and the consequences of these options as well as the benefits and disadvantages of globalization have been discussed. Several examples of globalization have been highlighted.
In the early 1950s, leaders especially from the developed economies needed to build up scheme of making certain that a war of such intensity could never recur. This had to be realized through removal of the barriers that formed impediments to trade in order to boost success and increase interdependence amongst nations globally. Mainly the powerful were involved in developing frameworks for international trade and investment through agreements. They established key global institutions. According to (Barry 2008 p. 91), “These political powers promoted international treaties that were aimed at upholding international trade through tariff reductions and encouragement of free trade amongst its members. Barry (2008 p. 91) further states that, “By 1994, its membership included more than 100 member states”. Through it, there was a major reduction in the restrictions that hampered trade before it was established. Such restrictions included a minimum quantity of what was to be traded.
Held and Mcgrew, (2000 p.18) observe that “GATT membership kept on rising, and in 1995, it was transformed in to World Trade Organization”. This was transformation was a step taken ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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