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Work Discrimination - Research Paper Example

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Today the problem of workplace discrimination became very relevant. With the development of globalization people received new opportunities, which are accompanied by new difficulties. …
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Work Discrimination
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Download file to see previous pages Now you can hardly find a company, where the employees are the representatives of only one race and culture. Globalization provided people with the opportunity to travel, thus, now it is possible to find a job abroad. However, it is a well-known fact that immigrants face many challenges in the country they come to live and work to. One of the challenges is workplace discrimination. Now the representatives of racial minorities tend to relate their problems at work to their origin. The given work will provide the analysis of one of such cases that happened to Maria, a woman of Latino ancestry, who accused her employers in being discriminative. The work will prove that the case of Maria is not related to the problem of discrimination, but it is rather a workplace ethical issue. Case summary Maria is the only person of color and the only woman in the department she works in. She failed to receive a promotion and placed a complaint. Maria is sure that she did not receive a promotion, because of her gender and the color of her skin. The person who received a promotion is a white man, who has less experience than Maria has. She was also offended, when she was told by her supervisors that she has an accent that is difficult for customers to understand. The company defends its position stating that the work of Maria is highly appreciated and discrimination is not the reason of her fail. Moreover, the behavior of Maria is often too aggressive and she is often late for work, once she was even absent. When a supervisor asked her for explanation, she stated that her family member needed help and it was her duty to help. Moreover, when Maria is speaking to the customers, she is speaking very fast not taking into account her natural accent. Thus, when the supervisors were making decision concerning the promotion, they took these cases into consideration. Case analysis Problem statement The main problem of the case is to find the ways to avoid such cases in future as they create negative atmosphere in the modern companies. The case should be thoroughly analyzed to reveal if discrimination really prevented Maria from getting a promotion or there were other reasons of her failure. It is essential to define how the origin of Maria affected this case. Workplace promotion related problems First it is essential to define the laws of ethics, which defend employees. There are laws, the violation of which leads to unlawful discrimination. The employee must not refuse to provide a promotion if the person is: disabled; pregnant or on maternity leave; the representative of racial, sexual or gender minority(Dale, 2003). The problems usually occur if a person belongs to one of these groups. That is why employers tend to avoid hiring such employees, notwithstanding that this is also a violation of the laws and ethical principles. The employers want to avoid the problems connected with the complaints such employees usually made as they usually feel offended and discriminated (Dale, 2003). The main cause of tensions between Maria and others The main cause of difficulties, which may occur in Maria’s relations with the workers of the company and the customers, is the cultural differences. Maria is a well-qualified and high-valued employee, but the peculiarities of the culture she belongs to create some difficulties. Maria does not realize that the company has its own rules, which should be followed by all the employees and these rules are not related to the common ethical laws. Latino culture Family life and importance The representatives of Latino culture pay much attention to gender differences. The main task of a woman is to be a housewife and take care about her family. The family values of Latino Americans are very strong as the family is the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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