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Discuss the controversies that have occurred around the issue of race and intelligence - Essay Example

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Discuss the controversies that have occurred around the issue of race and intelligence
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Extract of sample "Discuss the controversies that have occurred around the issue of race and intelligence"

Download file to see previous pages According to scientists, the relation between the two constructs race and intelligence cannot be defined accurately (Sternberg, 2005). Psychologists and sociologists have come up with different views on what the constructs imply. In their attempt to correlate them, researchers have only given way to more contradictory ideas.
It is a common belief that level of intelligence varies from race to race. This belief has fuelled controversy over the issue of racial discrimination on the basis of intelligence quotient or IQ. Nisbett (2005) states that there is a difference of intelligence level among the Blacks and the Whites. He further claims that the Whites have scored over the Blacks in intelligence testing by one deviation point. However, Nisbett’s point is countered by the view that intelligence testing methods vary depending on the socio-cultural context of the individual (Sternberg, 2005). There have been a lot of debates and discussions over the analysis of intelligence and its genetic bearing. Though it is an abstract concept but can be measured by means of a number of techniques that keep on evolving. Experts are of the opinion that as intelligence is multi-dimensional in nature and conceptually vary from society to society it calls for different conceptual methods of measuring it (Neisser et al, 1996). Of late there happens to be a disagreement over the authenticity and validity of IQ test patterns as it has been declared to be outdated in ascertaining the intelligence level or mental ability of different races. It is because of the simple reason that the conceptual construct varies culturally and socially. As a result the attributes that make for intelligence within the Chinese might not be so for the Americans. Therefore it could be said that the IQ test’s predictability is limited (Neisser, 1996). Neisser’s views though ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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