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Research methods ( subject : Research and Professional Conduct in Business) - Essay Example

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The Bank is intending to carry out a research study on service quality and customers’ face-to-face experiences in our bank. In this study, strength and weaknesses of the research methods of structured…
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Research methods ( subject : Research and Professional Conduct in Business)
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Download file to see previous pages Data collection is done independently without considering the reports or inference of other research studies relating to the subject. It is alternative to survey method. The research method of structured observation was presented by Mintzberg in 1973. In his book “the nature of managerial work’, he states that “observation could result not only in increased site specific knowledge, but also in hard data on various aspects of work.” (Chapter One Structured Observation the Nature of Investigation: Reasons for the Choice of Observation as a Research Method). In this model, the researcher is required to involve in a social settings for observing the activities closely. The structure of observation depends on the aims and objectives of the proposed research. Interviews or self-completed questionnaire is adoptable for collecting data in research focused on identifying the social behaviour. The observation model would help to reveal un-reported information relating to the research topics. It would assist the research workers to get informed about the practices and context of research topics. (Chapter One Structured Observation the Nature of Investigation).
Appropriate performing of structured observation should act as excellent method of collecting data. This facilitates the observation of many more subjects. Data analysis also becomes effortless. In case of checklist the degree of occurrence of a particular behaviour occurred is only taken for the data analysis. Structured observation is adoptable for research requiring précised measurements. The structure must be framed with the needs of the research study and the nature of information needed. It should be highly structured by applying extensive knowledge about the variable. The degree of structure of the observatory data depends on the level and extent of the research study. Supportive theoretical background for explaining the action of the variables also will affect ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Methods ( Subject : Research and Professional Conduct in Essay.
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