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Satisfaction and Force Group Analysis - Research Paper Example

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SATISFACTION AND FORCE GROUP ANALYSIS Satisfaction Analysis ‘Satisfaction’ is a term that can be used in varied contexts and from numerous perspectives. However, satisfaction is a point where one feels satisfied, contended. It can be a situation where an individual agrees and approves his immediate environment, events, occurrences, object, services, product etc…
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Satisfaction and Force Group Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages In a study by Chadee, Doren and Mattson (1996), tourism experiences have been catered to where quality factors are targeted for deriving the global satisfaction of tourists. The research reveals that different tourist encounters rate for different quality factors, thus confirming that satisfaction is perceived differently by every individual in accordance with his desired need and alleged service. Satisfaction is generally referred to customer’s content. It is the point where a customer approves a product based on a comparison between his perceived performances of the same to his expectations from the product. The term ‘satisfaction’ can also be swapped by different expressions such as discharge of a service, fulfillment of an obligation or a claim. Attaining customer satisfaction has become one of the prime goals of any organization or sector, may it be banking, retailing, hospitality and numerous others. The concept has compelled eminent authors to perform rigorous studies and analysis in order to measure its worth and various techniques through which a quantitative and qualitative measurement of ‘satisfaction’ can be performed. Satisfaction from organizational perspective is also critical. What an organization thinks about the term ‘satisfaction’ and how it intends to incorporate it in its business practice, must also be considered. In one of the study performed by Todd (2006) on identifying the customer satisfaction pertaining to a banking environment clearly states that satisfaction derived by customer through the services rendered by the bank has actually paid the organization manifolds in future. Here not only pertaining to the banking sector but almost all sectors and industries, the ultimate aim of an organization is to achieve growth and it is almost impossible to attain the objective till the time the organization achieves customer satisfaction." Hence from this perspective, satisfaction can be defined as an imperative element that aligns organizational practices with customer’s expectations leading to the firm’s organizational success and future growth and customer’s gratification as well. The study reveals that satisfaction varies from customer to customer. In banking, the popular impression one has is that personal service satisfies customers but this is just one little element of its measurement. Satisfaction entails other components as well such as convenience, location, proximity, price efficiency etc, hence it is said that there is no particular way to measure customer satisfaction. There are numerous experts who have devoted extended careers in studying customer satisfaction but can’t identify what satisfaction exactly means and on what specific grounds it should be measured. Importance of Measurement of Customer Satisfaction Measurement of customer satisfaction is extremely essential as it helps an organization to analyze what a customer expects from a product or a firm. It is all the more needed as: The performance raking, if not measured properly, can be misleading; performance trends, if not studied on proper grounds, can reveal misguided information and moreover, faulty deductions can further lead towards improper investment and exorbitant losses for the company (Brandt 1997). In a research conducted by Parasuraman, Berry and Zeithaml (1991), customer satisfaction levels from various sectors were consolidated including telephone repair, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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